A bald spot has been left Anderson Cooper while he revealed about cutting his hair

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The very famous anchor from CNN has revealed recently that he had a haircut and it is given by none other than him only, due to the closure of barbershops all around the country. Nevertheless, it was nowhere near what he was hoping about having a prim and proper haircut.

According to reports, Cooper did not have a haircut for many a week due to lockdown that is happening nationwide. So, he has run out of choices and took it upon himself and had a haircut. Anderson Cooper Reveals He Cut His Own Hair And Left A Bald Spot.

During one of the episodes of his famous show, AC360, it has been revealed by Cooper that he got a bald spot right there on his head for having to cut his hair in the most amateurish way possible. It has been claimed by the star that he had a hair cut on his last night and it resulted in a bald spot on his head. It has been well explained by Cooper that the razor was set at 5 but he thought it to be set at 7.

As most people know that currently the United States is on lockdown at this moment and New York happens to be the state where the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in more deaths than in any other parts of the country. Out of the many consequences, the major point is that all the salons and barbershops are already closed and it is very much prohibited so that a stylist can come to your home for a haircut.

At the minimum, one can say that Cooper has been in very good company. At the beginning of this year, the same problem has been faced by Kevin Hart. Although he came across the same difficulty, he never went on to cut his hair and in the process left a spot of bald. He was dealing with the issue of color.

The very famous stand-up comedian took to his Instagram handle and explained the fact that he has already started to like his very own grey hair and had to let go of that due to insufficient visits to the barber. He went on to mention the fact in the IG account that he has got. Kevin explained the fact that he became very fond of his hair and started liking it because it gave him a distinguished look.

Nevertheless, very soon Kevin got back to his black hair that was quite regular for him. This is so apparent that he did not like the fact as much as he has revealed. It became of no use because he was made fun of by nee Curtis Jackson also known as 50 Cent who made comments about him on popular social media platforms.

As has been reported previously, Curtis Jackson who is known by the name 50 Cent and very famous with it, made fun of Kevin Hart and made a mockery of all the entertainers who are black as they were looking pretty much older these days than they usually are.

His comments are clarified by Curtis, nevertheless, he went on to argue that it is everything about love and he has immense respect for the person, Kevin Hart.

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