Groove Along With the New Upbeat Music Video Release ‘Little Red’ By Promising Artist Jason Myrla

Little Red by Jason Myrla

Jason Myrla has released the new official video of ‘Little Red’ which is turning the heads of listeners in his direction. The music video is available on YouTube.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania May 2, 2023 ( – If there is one thing that can be said about the artist Jason Myrla it will be that he is never afraid to opus his musical boundaries. This is exactly what happened when he made his latest musical release which is now creating a wave in the music industry and putting the artist in the spotlight. The official video of Little Redis finally out on YouTube and captures the artist’s talent along with his ability to turn his creative choice into something that is technically impressive and enjoyable at the same time. He has taken a new approach with his vocal tone and composition in this freshly released music video.

Starting with the age-old and fan-favorite children’s rhyme, twinkle twinkle little star, the song swiftly elevates itself into something that can be enjoyed by every age group. The most appreciation for this track should be received by the unique and enchanting composition that the artist did. Jason’s passion for music and creativity was perfectly captured in the layers of this composition. Maintained a similar theme of horror fright, the song has the capability of setting the ambiance to a very enjoyable one very easily. Jason Myrla did an impressive job by adding newfangled beats and rousing tunes in the composition to keep the song fresh which matches the theme ideally.

Apart from the composition of the song, the other noticeable element has to be the lyrics. Comprising different children’s rhymes like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Red Riding Hood, the artist gave his own little twist to the lyrics to make them more age-appropriate and most importantly theme appropriate. It only showcases the caliber of Jason and the grab he has on songwriting. The lyrics are quirky, filled with verses that everyone can relate to, and are expressive. To match the composition and lyrics, the vocals used in the video are equally fascinating.

The visuals of the video are kept similar to the theme of the track. It is made with some terrifying still pictures that symbolize death and horror. Pictures of skulls and deformed human faces are used in the video to proliferate the theme and impact of the track. The video is available on YouTube along with his previous releases such as ‘National Anthem played by Jason Myrla’, ‘Vampire’s Alive by Jason Myrla’, ‘Jimi Hendrix Blues tribute’, ‘Time with My Lady‘, etc. Follow the artist on YouTube and TikTok for more information.

Jason Myrla’s ‘Little Red’ is now on YouTube:

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