Enjoy YH’s Uplifting Rap Music ‘We Gone Make a Killn’ on His Official YouTube Channel

YouTube Sensation YH has recently released his latest track ‘We Gone Make a killn’ which is taking the internet by storm. Fans love impactful rap verses.


The powerhouse of talent YH is creating buzz among the Hip-hop world with his engaging beats and strong lyricism. The artist is making history and setting the bar high for the past seven years. YH is originally from the United States, California. The immensely talented rapper is garnering all the attention of music lovers for his path-breaking choices. The essence of individuality and versatility makes him different from the other rappers. The music video We Gone Make a killn’ was released seven months ago on his own YouTube channel. The artist loved the reaction he got from the audience and therefore made its official video release a few days ago.

Well, the YouTube channel of YH, ‘Yhaitian1’ has already received over 250 subscribers. The number of YH’s admirers is increasing very fast. A good number of his tracks have managed to get into the hearts of Hip-Hop lovers. ‘Trapped’, ‘West Coast swag freestyle’, and ‘Like This’ are some of the popular tracks to get the greatest number of views. ‘We gone make a killn’ is about three minutes long but assures the audience to hook thoroughly.  The engaging beats and intense lyricism captivate the love. The artist brings a fresh energy to the traditional Hip-Hop world.  Subscribe to YH’s official YouTube channel, Soundcloud, and Spotify for his upcoming tracks, and follow him on Instagram and Facebook for further updates.

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