‘THE ONLY WAY’ By Yishay Zimrah Is A Divine Acoustic Experience Encapsulating The Spirit Of The Epoch


‘THE ONLY WAY’ by thriving gospel musician Yishay Zimrah leads you to the ultimate truth in spirituality through an uplifting and inspiring melodic journey.

The traditional spirituality that gospel music offers has always attracted my soul as I grew up listening to these great joyous songs of celebration. A prominent figure in the genre Yishay Zimrah caught my attention with his dynamic vocal dexterity and empowering libretto a while back. I was ecstatic to listen to him again through his newest single THE ONLY WAY’, exuding a blissful melodic essence with a hint of hip hop. Working with his production house Zimrah, the gifted musician has encapsulated my mind with his polished and soulful singing being reminiscent of my childhood. The Las Vegas-based former derived inspiration for renowned musicians like Al Green, Marvin Gaye, and The Temptations crafting a resonating aura of pure satisfaction.

The coherent lyrical illustration worships the God almighty and Jesus Christ presenting the true essence of gospel music encouraging the lost souls. ‘THE ONLY WAY’ reveals the artist’s genuine love and passion towards music procuring his genuine emotions and feeling. I was amazed by Yishay Zimrah’s dominant vocals, which showcases a strong harmony in the song that is generated through the progressive arrangement of chord structures. The overwhelming cadence in his other hymns likes ‘DRY BONES, ‘Destiny’, ‘JEZEBEL’, and ‘Blood Screaming From The Ground’ helped me prevail over the darkness of life. To listen to his encouraging collection follow him on SoundCloud, Instagram, and Facebook.

Listen to the song ‘THE ONLY WAY’ on Soundcloud here:

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