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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Tampa, Florida Nov 20, 2023 ( – Nocturnal Abstract Art is about transformation & progression in life. The art itself has progressed from drawings seen in various art shows to merchandise to NFT! It is based on the Nocturnal Abstract insomniac artist John Shashaty’s vision. The original B&W drawings were completed with pen & paper in abstract form. Artist John Shashaty has what he calls hidden messages in these original pieces.  Each one has a narrative that tells the story, and the only copies of these narratives are in glass bottles floating around the globe at sea.  They will eventually hit shore somewhere, and when it does that piece or NFT could potentially be worth 100-fold!

The original art pieces have been seen in various art shows across the USA. It was at an art show in NYC where Shashaty was asked to freehand a Birkin purse (which turned out amazing). That led the way to Nocturnal Abstract apparel, including skateboards, sneakers, travel bags, and other apparel worn in 14 countries but later discontinued. 

Shortly after as the 420 movement grew, there were many requests for original and reprint artwork for 420 lounges, smoke shops, and the like.  The trippy, colorful abstract vibe, coupled with the black and white background created a “buzz”.  

Now the original art pieces have expanded to NFT! The future of expression as Shashaty puts it! The next chapter is here for Nocturnal Abstract. Shashaty thanks his supporters in the 420 movement and welcomes “growth” together!


Artist John Shashaty hopes you enjoy this creative outlet. If you’ve attended any of his art shows, or wear the Nocturnal Abstract brand apparel, Shashaty expresses sincere gratitude. Shashaty stated that he would’ve never imagined that his hobby would be something that amazing people would wear or place on their walls at home!  

Shashaty’s hobby has always been creating works of art due to his inability to rest from midnight – 4 am. It’s a thing, a physical time clock, as he puts it.

Shashaty was born and raised in NYC – which is fitting since it’s known as the city that never sleeps. For that reason, he went from “artist John Shashaty” to “The Nocturnal Abstract”.   

The original black and white designs were not meant to be groups of geometrical shapes like some think.  It’s deeper than that. The originals all have hidden symbolism and messaging within them with dated narratives.  The underlying message is often about life progression, change, adaption, instincts, and all of the things experienced during life’s journey. There are also some bold predictions about the future within Shashaty’s works.  

Shashaty says, “Life is interesting when you think about it. Time passes, we evolve, we adapt, we experience, we hurt, we love, and we grow.  So many potential impacts, issues, experiences, people, events, and at the end of the day we are who we are”. 

As with life, art too evolves which is why Shashaty is on this NFT journey.  Shashaty loves the people and energy that he had experienced through traditional art shows and now through the development of NFTs. As he puts it, “There are so many talented, amazing people out there to get to know and learn from!”

Shashaty shared a final comment at a recent art show “With the focus being on progression, transformation, and life in general, always remember to be kind. If I learned one thing it is that the journey has peaks and valleys.  Keeping the vibe right, and being an asset to the growth of humanity is important!”. 

Learn more about Nocturnal Abstract and John Shashaty at:

To view the current NFTs available visit: NocturnalAbstract – Profile | OpenSea

To view a selection of works available for print in various forms visit: Nocturnal Abstract | Saatchi Art

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