Bruce Doueck, Recognized by as a 2024 Top Agent

With a passion for assisting individuals and a wealth of experience, Bruce is a trusted partner in northeast Florida’s vibrant property market.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- New York City, New York Jan 23, 2024 ( – Bruce is a licensed realtor who is currently associated with Keller Williams Realty Atlantic Partners in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. He appreciates the diverse nature of each client’s transactions and has a particular fondness for working with first-time homebuyers and senior citizens. 

With over 7 years of experience in the real estate industry, Bruce is dedicated to guiding both buyers and sellers through the entire transaction process. His commitment extends from the initial negotiations to the final execution of the contract, ensuring that the best interests of his clients are well-represented.

A long time professional, Bruce has been a Florida resident for over five decades. He received his education from local high schools and earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Florida universities, including a Master of Business Administration Degree from the Coggin College of Business at the
University of North Florida.

A lifelong learner, Bruce’s diverse life experiences include early roles such as a delivery driver, print shop assistant, shrimp boat striker, school teacher, small business owner, and energy auditor. Later, he held significant managerial positions for 30 years in the utilities sector in Jacksonville, where he accumulated valuable experience. 

In the realm of real estate, Bruce is on a mission to guide clients in discovering the most suitable option for their unique situations, whether selling a property or buying a home. He is devoted to identifying optimal marketing strategies and pricing for sellers, while securing the best fit and value for buyers.

Helping others achieve their real estate and property goals, Bruce has authored a book titled “Sell Your Home for Maximum Profit and with Minimum Risk,” available in both hard copy and e-book formats on Amazon as “A Simple Guide to Selling Your House.” Further insights from him can be found in articles on his LinkedIn page at

Outside of real estate, Bruce’s hobbies and interests include taking walks with his dog, gourmet eating and cooking, herb gardening, kayaking, reading, doing home repair projects, inshore fishing, following science and technology, traveling to US cities and parks, as well as volunteering within his community. 

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