Philadelphia neo-soul artist Max Swan breathes new life into 2021 breakout album Slow Jail with live EP and video sessions celebrating local talent and live performance. (YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania May 6, 2022 ( – 2021 was a successful year for Philadelphia-based musician and producer Max Swan. After a several-year hiatus, Swan made […]

Leawo Software releases 2022 Easter campaign, valid before April 30, 2022, distributing up to 91% off coupon for iOS Solution Bundle and a 40% discount on Prof. Media 11. (YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Shenzhen, Guangdong Apr 25, 2022 ( – Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, April 25: Leawo Software is a professional multimedia software developer that focuses […]

Liner Entertainment Group has signed Artist/Producer/Songwriter “SIR DOLLA” to their Publicity Roster (YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Houston, Texas Apr 22, 2022 ( – Liner Entertainment Group Inc, A Talent Management firm in Houston Texas has signed Recording Artist/Producer  “SIR DOLLA” to an exclusive  publicity contract.  Dianna Liner the CEO of Liner Entertainment Group Inc discovered the talented […]

Leawo Company is offering Easter giveaway “PowerPoint to Video Pro”, along with big discounts for most multimedia products on (YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Shenzhen, Guangdong Apr 21, 2022 ( – DVD hasn’t been obsoleted even though the streaming services dominate the multimedia industry these days. There is still a cohort who prefer the […]

Leawo Software today officially unveils PhotoIns, introducing a new Photo Enlarger module to upscale image resolution and enhance photo quality in batch. (YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Shenzhen, Guangdong Apr 19, 2022 ( – Photo enlargement may seem out of the way of people’s lives, but it becomes crucial when people need to crop […]

Leawo just released 2022 Easter promo, from which people can get a freebie as well as prevailing discounts on various products. (YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Shenzhen, Guangdong Apr 1, 2022 ( – Founded in 2007, Leawo Software is an expert multimedia software developer that attends to exploit media dissemination and 4K UHD processor like UHD Ripprt, UHD Copy, etc. […]