Hail To The Screen Actors’ Guild’s Warrior Chief; The Former TV Nanny


Actor’s SAG-AFTRA Strike Anthem Dedicated To Union President, Fran Drescher


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jan 23, 2024 (Issuewire.com) – The historical 2023 actor’s strike had several contentious points, but artificial intelligence was and continues to be front and center. As a result, one SAG-AFTRA member, Temperance Lancecouncil, wrote what she calls, the “AI” strike anthem, “I AIN’T NO AI,” which she has dedicated to the “former nanny” – SAG-AFTRA president, Fran Drescher.

“President Drescher led her 160,000 members through this strike and to victory. She’s our warrior chief,” said Lancecouncil, about the current Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists – national president; former star, creator, and producer of the television sitcom, The Nanny (1993-1999).

“I’ve always admired her charisma, her unique character, her megawatt smile, and mostly that famous voice. I’m originally from the South, so I love distinctive voices that have their own personality. I think she did a marvelous job during our battle. She was just so courageous and effervescent during our strike. It was like a battle and neither side wanted to surrender. I know that bugle calls are typically associated with the military and we, as actors, were her troops, so “I AIN’T NO AI,” is akin to a bugle call for actors,” the long-time SAG member says. “Have you heard her battle-cry speeches? She’s like our warrior chief.”

“It couldn’t be more fitting that the bugle call or strike anthem is dedicated to her because she commanded and led us into the strike battle. And like most battles, the resulting treaty does have compromises, so there’s still unsettled dust in the air about artificial intelligence, but we came out victorious. You know, I do see other major lawsuits being filed regarding AI. Artificial intelligence is a touchy and tricky, tech issue for most in the entertainment and media fields, and I think Chief Drescher and the rest of her team fought hard to the very end. My song reflects the plight of the actor, as well as the actor’s fight, pertaining to AI. Listen to the lyrics.” Lancecouncil, with pride, advises that the song is available on all platforms.

“I AIN’T NO AI” is now hereby officially dedicated to Ms. Fran Drescher, and I hope they play it at our upcoming awards show and have her stand up, so the actors can acknowledge her leadership,” she goes on to say.

Half-jokingly, she chuckles, “Maybe I should re-title the song and in parentheses add ‘Thanks Chief Fran.’ Take a page out of The Rolling Stones’ book when they used parentheses in their song, “It’s Only Rock’n’Roll (But I Like It).” Naturally, I’m not comparing anything to those great legends, but maybe I could imitate them in renaming the song, maybe rename it to “I AIN’T NO AI (Thanks Chief Fran).”

Lancecouncil wrote the lyrics, and melody, arranged, produced, and performed “I AIN’T NO AI” and registered the song in its capitalized title form to symbolize the strength of the actor, especially while on the picket line. “Actors look strong and proud walking those picket lines. My parents walked picket lines when I was a child. It brings out the pride in my soul and I couldn’t be more proud of our fearless leader, Fran Drescher. She’s our commander in chief.”

Lancecouncil: “Chief Fran, this song’s for you, and we actors thank you,” she says, as she smiles with pride. “She’s no longer the nanny to a few, but a leader to about 160,000.”

More on Ms. Drescher at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fran_Drescher

Temperance Lancecouncil is an actress and country music, singer-songwriter. More about her on: www.temperancelancecouncil.com


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