Top 15 Most Anticipated Films in 2024

Movie buffs waiting for the upcoming movies throughout the year and fortunately, 2024 is bringing a handful of movies for audiences of all ages. The entertainment industry is showing an increasing bias towards superhero movies and fantasy stories with supernatural elements. However, with the help of the OTT platforms; there are many contemporary films that will also be released in 2024. let’s take a better look at the top 15 most anticipated films of this year which everybody is waiting for. 


No matter which superhero comes, nobody can mess with the place that Po has earned with his goofy attitude and hard work. Good news for the fans DreamWorks has come up with Kung Fu Panda 4 which is releasing soon this year. In this film, Po has teamed up with a fox named Zhen and they work together to defeat a shapeshifting foe called The Chameleon. Jack has iconically handled Po’s voice again, while Awkwafina voice-acted for Zhen and Viola Davis for The Chameleon. 

Release date: In theaters March 8


Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part One was one of the biggest hits that gained much attention after releasing through Netflix. The first part of the movie left the audience on a cliffhanger which was perhaps Denis’s strategy to create more anticipation and there is no doubt that it is working well. The movie buffs have been waiting long for the second part of this gripping sci-fi story featuring humongous sandworms and wars. The chemistry between Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet in this movie can even make Holland jealous. Brace up and book your tickets now!

Release date: March 1

3. MICKEY 17

Director Bong Joon-ho took a long break after his remarkable Oscar-winning film Parasite. However, during this time, he has been working on another sci-fi project titled ‘Mickey 17’. Starring Robert Pattinson, this movie is the second sci-fi movie by the director after Snowpiercer where Chris Evans played the lead role. Pattinson is playing the role of an employee named Mickey Barnes who possesses the ability to regenerate after their death. Thanks to Joon-ho’s brilliance, this movie is creating huge anticipation without even sharing any footage so far. 

Release date: March 29


After many gaining worldwide attention with their Spider-Man franchise, Sony is ready to bring more Spidey material with any direct involvement of Spider-Man. Madame Web is an MCU character from Spider-Verse whose animated version was briefly introduced in the Miles Morales version. And now, Sony has decided to go even crazier than MCU with an all-woman Spidey team. Dakota Johnson plays the role of Madame Web with her ability to see the future and Sydney Sweeney becomes the Spider-Woman at some point. 

Release date: Feb. 14


While there are a lot of superhero movies going on, there are movies coming based on the person on whom even superheroes depend to get their act done, and that is stuntman. In this upcoming movie called ‘The Fall Guy’, Ryan Gosling plays the character of Lee Majors, a stuntman from back in time. David Leitch did a great job in making this summer movie which consists of a fair amount of action and comedy as well. Co-star Emily Blunt has played the character of Lee’s ex. 

Release date: May 3

6. IF

Well, John Krasinski has finally decided to come up with a movie where kids are not terrified of monsters like his directorial debut ‘A Quiet Place’ which earned a lot of appreciation. In the movie ‘IF’, Cailey Fleming plays the role of a young girl who is capable of seeing the discarded imaginary friends of other children. Ryan Reynolds plays the role of an imaginary friend as well and Steve Carell also joined the party. 

Release date: May 17


2015’s Mad Max Fury Road was one of the biggest hits of the decade that won an Oscar. And now, George Miller is bringing back the essence again the upcoming movies that show the younger version of Furiosa which was previously played by Charlize Theron. Along with super-saturated desert landscapes and Anya Taylor-Joy’s mesmerizing expressions, this movie is creating hype among the fans already. Get ready to enjoy some kick-ass adventure in the gore and haunting post-apocalyptic desert. There will be no Tom Hardy but. Chris Hemsworth joins the party this time. 

Release date: May 24


Well, you can’t get enough of John Wick, can you? Even after four chapters, fans are still wanting more. The good news for the fans is ‘Ballerina’ is releasing soon, a midquel spinoff that takes place between the third and fourth chapters if seen chronologically. This film is the portrayal of the deadly ballet school run by Anjelica Huston. Both Huston and Reeves are here in the supporting roles as the female protagonist is Ana de Armas who plays the character of a vengeful ballerina assassin. Let’s see what Lionsgate has come up with this time. 

Release date: June 7


The little girl Riley from Inside Out is a teenager now and along with her other emotions, a brand new emotion has emerged called Anxiety. This upcoming film dives into the deep emotions of adolescence. Maya Hawke offered a voice for Anxiety, an emotion that becomes a constant partner for teenage Riley. This sequel is comprised of an intriguing concept and soon it will become one of the best movies by Pixar. 

Release date: June 14


Well, 2024 has come and even Deadpool himself is screaming for his upcoming third sequel where Hugh Jackman or Wolverine will be joining forces with him. Both in comic and MCU, this is the most highly anticipated point where two powerful characters with regeneration powers face off against each other. Deadpool is the only character who can blend the X-Men roots into the MCU’s multiverse and that’s what fans are really waiting for. Time to brace up for a dark action comedy adventure that comes with blood and laughs.

Release date: July 26


Todd Phillips is well aware of the fact the Joker has a bigger fan base than Batman and his Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix is capable of snagging Oscars. This time, there is a double dose of craziness as Harley Quinn will be joining Joker for the movie ‘Joker: Folie à Deux’. Quinn is being played by Lady Gaga and it is enough to create more hype among the fans, considering the chemistry between these two highly talented personalities in the entertainment industry. 

Release date: Oct. 4


Zack Snyder never fails to captivate his audience with a long intriguing sci-fi journey and split-in-half, rewbel Moon is a well-made project. The second part of the movie, Scargiver will be released soon and fans are eagerly waiting for a closure as the first part was not typically satisfying, but rather a series of events. The film offers a weird collection of visual imagination which is compelling and fun to watch.

Release date: April 19


Screenwriter Diablo Cody might have made a mistake in Jennifer’s Body and now she is reclaiming it back with the latest feminist-horror comedy, Lisa Frankenstein. Set in 1989, this film includes the reanimation of a Victorian Corpse along with a dark Gothic romance story. Kathryn Newton played the character of Lisa. Zelda Williams directed the movie and all that remains, is to see what Cody has brought up this time.

Release date: Feb. 9


Other than being Spider-man’s girlfriend, Zendaya is an awesome person who does not only know but owns acting. And she is going to prove that again with the upcoming movie ‘Challengers’ which is quite emotionally and psychologically engaging. The story revolves around an athletic love triangle where tennis pro players Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist face off each other both in the bedroom and the court. Director Luca Guadagnino has previously offered ‘Call Me By Your Name’ and that is enough to tell, that this movie is going to be more than just a regular rom-com.

Release date: April 26


After a long gripping trilogy and six years of gap, the apes have decided to come back to town with a fourth sequel. Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes follows the continuity of the previous three films and this time, they seem to save the humans. Perhaps, it is time to watch another dystopia-filled world where other creatures teach humanity.

Release date: May 24

Stay tuned and find out more updates!



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