North Carolina Constitutional Economist Laurie Thomas Vass Earns 5 Star Review of A Civil Dissolution:

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From Literary Titan: This book stands out for its insightful discussions and clear presentation of ideas.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Wilmington, North Carolina Feb 16, 2024 ( – In A Civil Dissolution, author Laurie Thomas Vass delves into the tumultuous landscape of contemporary American politics, characterized by stark divisions and relentless debates between the Republican and Democratic parties. Vass presents an unconventional proposition: dividing the United States into two distinct entities based on divergent ideological beliefs–one embracing socialist principles and the other championing ‘liberty-free’ states.

The book thoughtfully critiques James Madison’s constitution, pinpointing perceived weaknesses in the amendment process. Vass supports her arguments with a rich tapestry of historical texts and insights from renowned intellectuals.

The inclusion of perspectives from figures like George Mason, James Buchanan, and Joseph Schumpeter enriches the narrative, providing a multi-faceted examination of potential pathways to a more effective governance system. One of the book’s strengths lies in its balanced approach.

While part of it delves into the analytical exploration of quotes and concepts from notable political thinkers, another segment is dedicated to outlining tangible, actionable solutions for establishing a more efficient government framework. The author’s skill in distilling complex political theories into accessible ideas is commendable.

A Civil Dissolution is not just a critique of the current political scenario but a comprehensive exploration of various themes such as history, economics, banking, corruption, racism, slavery, and natural rights. It is as much an analysis of past events and ideologies as it is a commentary on contemporary economic structures, proposing ways to foster a more equitable society.

This book stands out for its insightful discussions and clear presentation of ideas. It is an engaging read for anyone interested in understanding the depths of American political discourse and those seeking novel solutions to the ongoing political divide between Republicans and Democrats.

A Civil Dissolution is a conversation starter, inviting readers to consider new perspectives on achieving political harmony in the United States.

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About Gabby Press:

Gabby Press is the imprint publishing company of books written by Laurie Thomas Vass. Gabby is short for The Great American Business & Economics Press. Gabby Press books are about American constitutional history, entrepreneurial capitalism, and evolutionary economic growth theory.

About the author:

Laurie Thomas Vass is a regional economist and a constitutional economist. Her political ideology is natural rights conservative. She is the author of 14 books and over 130 scholarly articles on the Social Science Research Network. She is currently ranked in the top .4% of over 1.5 million authors, worldwide on the SSRN platform for article reviews and downloads.

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