Explore The Complex Game Of Love And Relationships In A Whole Different Way In Islands Of The Heart



Each one of us experience love differently and often get tangled up in its complexities. For love being abstract, an abstract game named ‘Islands of the Heart’ has been developed to help you understand your own heart.

The puzzle-oriented style adds a new edge to the growing trend in games that help to unfold passionate stories as you move forward in the game. With brilliant execution, the game focuses to reveal the player’s innermost feelings in a world that continuously tries to distract. According to the developer’s post on Xbox Wire, the various stages of the game help you on the journey to know yourself revealing truths that tend to sediment under the increasing stress of daily life.

Further adding to that, players will face obstacles in the game the same way they face in their lives. As the game doesn’t offer any solutions, the player has to be creative and come up with problem-solving ideas that will ultimately make them a better person altogether as the answers will reflect their own hearts.

The metaphor of the journey strikes as the player progresses by solving the puzzle. Totems ask questions about the importance of love in their lives and let them decide the answers at their own happy pace. The various phases of life are depicted as boxes with past being shown as wind boxes, understanding as bridge boxes and attraction as sticky boxes. With each island the player discovers along the process, unfolds the different boxes and helps them to accomplish the true motive of this game which is to make them understand their own heart.

The game Islands of the Heart is now available on PlayStation 4, Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. It’s tricky twists and turns prompts people to play and enjoy its complexities.

Jerry Simmons

Jerry Simmons

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