The Developers of NBA 2K20 Put Forward Their Explanation Regarding the Players’ Release from the VC Grind in This Year’s Upcoming Game



In the spectrum of gaming, microtransactions have always one of the most arguable topics for quite some time now and players are never pushed to use their real-life earnings and money for in-house game sessions more than the 2k series does during the annual games for National Basketball Association. The theory goes that it is a necessity for players to pitch in their money through NBA’s virtual currency policy during the process of online player bidding due to the simple reason that a player with a substantial overall rating would not get picked by any team without the external monetary impetus.

As per statistics in the recent years of the NBA 2K series, a player would have to invest over 50 hours to accumulate a comprehensive rating without utilizing the additional money for all those who did not want to put in extra cash after the purchase was made. However, for this year’s 2K series, things are going to change for good as NBA 2K20 developers explain that no player will have to deliberately grind for the game’s virtual currency (VC).

The senior producer at Visual Concepts, Eric Boenisch in an interview with US Gamer recently has said that the hierarchical progression in this year’s NBA 2K20 will discard any glitches or inconveniences and the collective system will be much more effective, faster, and accessible as compared to the previous matches.

Boenisch told US Gamer that this year, the developers do not want any of the players to face the constant VC grinding and that the game means much more and can be played with a greater fun if all the players are put into the same level playing field like everybody else. Additionally, he said that the process of earning points will have more possibilities and ways that can be used in upping a player’s collective rating or score and as a result, each one of their characters will have more gravity in terms of development which will also become dynamic and quick with this change.

Visual Concepts’ senior producer in the same interview with US Gamer revealed that this time, they do not want gamers to feel caught up in the complexities of virtual currency. It is better, just, and more fun for everyone to be a part of the level playing field with the rest of the players without harboring the doubt of never achieving an 80 or an 85 rating. They hope that this change in the earning opportunities of the game will help the players to concentrate more on their game-playing strategies with more finesse, eventually pushing them forward to the completion of the game more quickly.

Recently, 2K came out with free demo release of the game for MyCareer mode in the gaming scope of NBA 2K20 allowing gamers to mix and match with the characters of the players right before the game;’s big release next month. But for someone who is looking forward to constructing and customizing a female player will have to wait until the release on 6th September since the feature of personalizing a Woman NBA player was not part of this free demo.

With just a week lurking around the corner for the official release date of NBA 2k20, our anticipation about how this year’s character progression system is going to work strategically in the course of the game will all be answered shortly.

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