Watch the YouTube Video Heart-Touching Patriotic Song ‘FAKHR EL ABJADIYYEH’ by Amer Saab


While Lebanese republic is passing through its toughest phase, Amer Saab, a renowned music producer and sound engineer of The recording label THE TRAVELLERS has come forward to support his nation through a touching patriotic song titled ‘FAKHR EL ABJADIYYEH’. Right after watching the six-minute long  YouTube video, all I can say is that he has poured his soul into the track by beautifully blending instruments with a harmonious melody that the lead vocalist has brought into life. The video clips of the devastation left me awestruck as I could relate how the citizens of beautiful Lebanon are feeling right now after seeing the lush wildings burned into ashes. However, what kept me motivated is his positive approach to tell his people to come together and pray for a peaceful tomorrow.

When it comes to the music, he has made the perfect use of instruments to deliver energetic vibes and I could feel how negative energy turned positive. Amer Saab is an incredible composer and the lead vocalist needs an extra star to sing the track with the right feeling and expression. ‘FAKHR EL ABJADIYYEH’ deserves a five star for representing the present situation in an overwhelming manner. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.


Anna Abbott

Anna Abbott

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