With 12 Overall Winners, Steam Finally Announces The Best Of 2019 Early Access Grades


It’s a common thing for PC gamers to disregard the titles of the Early Access, as it’s frustrating to smolder repeatedly by StarForge and DayZ, that slowly go through again and again on fractured foundations and refuse to reveal clearly that on which they are working on. The muddy titles of the Steam Platform suppress the rich history of the game and the dreadful implementation of the game never gets complete.

For every three Early Access titles which are bound to be more than good ideas, there is a title which has been destined to achieve something more: once the release date has been confirmed a joy has been seen among the fans. With Steam’s recent revelation Best-Selling games of 2019 tittles, they added one genre call Early Access Grads. Few games didn’t get a chance to release with Early Access but those which have released they did with their fashion and flamboyance.

Steam Announces The Best Of 2019 Early Access Grads With Twelve Overall Winners. They have split these games on the count of how many medals have been awarded, twelve medals have been assigned for platinum winners, twelve for gold winners, and twenty-six silver awards appear on all-embracing all the titles that have been existed in 2019 Steam’s Early Access program. The gamers will focus on winning the twelve Platinum awards. If anyone is thinking that where to put the money at this steam sale, this may be a helpful list to look up to.

#1-Green Hell

Joined in Early Access: August 29, 2018

Released: September 5, 2019

Green Hell is one of the games of the survival, it will provide the first listed platinum award. Creepy Jar has been considered as the developer and publisher of this game, here the gamer finds that they have been dumped discourteously into the rainforest of the Amazonia, and they use their strategic tactics to get a life of another day.

This game is filled with several adventurous spices like field sports and farming and there are building the comfort of which the gamer would like to enjoy from their PC. The map of this game is very effective as it allows to look beyond the perception. Even they can inspect their own body to find out the parasites which have been entering into their flesh, locate the wounds which are affecting them and they can make an attempt to cure them.

The title also shows the psychological aspects of segregation, the torment of going against nature, ultimately it provides a system that can affect gamers’ characteristic capacities. This is a story-based game that is worth playing but as it’s not for the weak heart. With an additional benefit, the gamer can get to know that just before the accident how the Amazon Rainforest looked like.

#2- Beat Saber

Joined In Early Access: May 1, 2018

Released: May 29, 2019

When the VR-exclusive game started to appear with their best-of-lists it has throbbed many game lovers’ hearts. This game comes in a fascinating no. 2 position among the Platinum awards of the Early Access Graduates. Beat Saber is an exclusive game of VR put forward by Beat Games, it has been the top of many gaming lists of this year with its very own adventurous nature.

Here gamers get the chances to hit the color-coded blocks with holding two shabers that are of the light. They get an arrow indicates which block should be targeted. Certain obscurities come to the players along with the beats which they must get away with. Though it seems a simple title, the central part of the game is intrigue and enjoyable that it increases the competition. With new custom songs and more challenges, this seems a wonderful title.

The makers of this game suggest that it will make the player a dancing star but it will be foolish of the player if they step in a club and act like a Beat Saber as they will end up hurting themselves.

#3-Oxygen Not Included

Joined In Early Access: February 16, 2017

Released: July 30, 2019

Oxygen Not Included has been a part of the discussions in the past, it has been brought out by Klei Entertainment. Here the player gets crushed into a new planet where they need to look for proper facilities for their fellow mates. Crashed into a planet suggests that every time a new game starts the players will find themselves deep inside some galactic rock.

As the title suggests, managing sufficient oxygen is the primary requirement for the players on the planet and along with oxygen, they will also need to manage one of those resources they will need to set up a standard colony that they wish to have in a first-world nation. They will take their colonists through splitting research trees, teach them to dig important resources and efficiently manage their bodily waste.

Though the simple animation of the colonists will deceive the gamers to think this is a simple game, nut as per the strategy and the depth of the game is considered it is way ahead of normal colony’s evolution. The power grides, Thermodynamics, water pipes and waste altogether provide a new struggle for the gamers to set up a new colony in an alien world.

#4-Ring of Elysium

Joined In Early Access: September 19, 2018

Released: June 24, 2019

Nowadays, it’s very much difficult from the genre of battle-royale. The Aurora Studio published game Ring of Elysium is a battle royale. Be it picking up of weapons, trying to stay safe, dropping into a new place with other players this game has all the components which a battle royale consists of. However, with the most evident features of battle royale, this game also has something unique of its own.

Here the safe zone is not shrinking and moves all around the map with the players with the safe size. Outside the safe zone the player needs to look for oxygen for survival, here lies the problem as oxygen is not included here. Travel is comparatively free here than other genres, the grappling hooks, hang-gliders, and mountain bikes can be found all around the map.

This game is anti-cheat and free to play which is the most interesting part of it.

#5- My Time At Portia

Joined In Early Access: June 28, 2017

Released: January 15, 2019

My Time At Portia suddenly came into the buzz, with a sudden storm of patch notes and Early Access. All of a sudden it came and instigated the players to offer their free time to it. It’s a farming gem that makes the players drop into a town called Portia to inherit their ancestor’s land to craft, build and farm their path to victory.

It seems like a 3D Stardew Valley, but still, it should not be considered a Stardew Valley Knock-Off. The game projects the player into a charming dreamy town where they can find, fight and indulge in a relationship with many impressive netizens. They will get to interact with a creepy tribe and various underground cells which they will use for the development of the townspeople.

Before playing this game the player should have been equipped with proper knowledge about it. If anyone wants to enjoy their lazy evening then this may be the perfect game for them.

#6-Space Engineers

Joined In Early Access: October 23, 2013

Released: February 28, 2019

Space Engineers is a game where a player will get a sandbox through which they can build up anything they can imagine. As this requires a mechanical skill thus the name of the title seems appropriate.

It has been developed by Keen Software House and the developer suggests the player watch a youtube tutorial video first to learn about the basics. As this game requires an unconventional skill so watching tutorials first will help them to know about the game better.

Here the players can make planet destroyers, spaceships for battle, mining, orbiting space stations. If they want anything else like the three-dimensional movement they can drop onto any planet and construct houses, transports, and miners. This naturally gives an insight that it even breaks the limit of the sky.

#7-They Are Billions

Joined In Early Access: December 13, 2017

Released: June 18, 2019

They Are Billions is a survival game created by Numantion Games, here players get a chance to craft a colony with proper resources resisting all the attacks. The graphics of the game are domino-style and fascinating, it is quick and fast thus the players must be enriched with proper knowledge before fighting. However, there are high chances that the hordes will take over the players if they remain to choose in the sandbox mode.

#8-PC Building Simulator

Joined In Early Access: March 27, 2018

Released: January 29, 2019

PC Building Simulator is a refreshing game published with the collaboration of Claudiu Kiss and The Irregular Corporation. It stimulates the player to start establishing their shop for the PC repair shop. For playing this game the players will be given proper licenses from hardware companies, different parts of the PC will be there and the players will assemble it with their knowledge. It’s brilliant as it’s not only a tutorial but it teaches the basic concept of PC building.


Joined In Early Access: December 16, 2016

Released: February 6, 2019

Astroneer was published by System Era Softworks and it has already known in the Early Access family since 2016. It’s also a kind of survival game where the players land on a planet and strive to awaken it and then proceed to the next one. They will be provided with the necessary elements that will be required to fulfill the process. They will get a total of seven planets to explore and voxel-based editing systems which will help them to dig and build.

#10-Hunt: Showdown

Joined In Early Access: February 22, 1028

Released: August 27, 2019

Hunt: Showdown is a first-person shooter game developed by Crytek. It also follows a battle royale format with proper maps and hunting arrangements. Those who have a fascination for single-player oriented games this game is a perfect fit for them the only drawback it has that if any survivors die here will go forever along with their weapons and combat skills. Players will have a great experience by completing bounties and if they want to add character they have to go to purchase mode.

#11-Slay the Spire

Joined In Early Access: January 23, 2019

Released: November 14, 2017

Mega Crit Games is the developer of the Slay the Spire. It is comparatively easy where a player needs to choose the heroes that are currently available who will follow the map to reach the spire. Here right after reaching the Spire, they need to kill the heart of it. The combating method lies in attacking and defending the cards. Slay the Spire is the first card game that has earned a place in the spot.

#12-BATTALION 1944

Joined In Early Access: February 1, 2018

Released: May 23, 2019

BATTALION 1944 is a multiplayer battle game set in the backdrop of the second world war, it has been developed by Bulkhead Interactive and published by Square Enix. This game will seem a bit tough for the new players but for the veterans, it’s comparatively easy.


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