The MMO Badlands of Chemical Head Studio’s will be entering Steam Early Access in the next month

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Chemical Head Studio is going to take off with its sandbox game of MMORPG called Badlands which will be coming to Steam Early Access.

There has been a trailer release that happened previously, where some of the low-poly graphics have been showcased along with various other gameplays. Players will get the privilege to experience either crime-solving or crime in the next month.  Chemical Head Studios’ MMO Badlands Enters Steam Early Access Next Month.

It has been stated officially by the summary of the steam store that Badlands is going to be a role play game which is a massive multiplayer that will be coming in the giant city of the unique jobs. One can rise through the various hierarchies of government that you always wanted to achieve only to become the ruthless President. You can always buy yourself the favorite apartment that has been deserved by you always and you can decorate and build it as new cars can be parked over there. You can always make your gang and the government can be overthrown if you try out such things.

Their path can be chosen by the players in the game of Badlands as Neutral, Crime or Government. They can also take part in helping others and at the end of it, all can become the President eventually or can stay and remain just like ordinary citizens. There are lots of bad activities which one can take part in as well as forming gangs or things like dealing with goods.

To start everyone has to start proceedings as a very ordinary citizen and has to do mundane and ordinary activities like buying a home and renting an apartment. Homes are always customizable, but whatever the number of players put inside it will specifically depend upon the amount of money that you have. Vehicles can also be purchased by players so that they can travel around Vegas which happens to be a large city.

There is a unique gang system in the game, where players can recruit others and can opt for creating a personal gang system. The system in a way fosters the bond between the communities and helps in making and building it strongly as many more benefits can be cited for being part of the group like helping others in purchasing homes or other items that may be needed by them. To have proper communication, with other fellow players, Badlands has got a voice chat that is distance-based along with dedicated servers.

If a life full of crime does not seem to sound very appealing, more of a calm lifestyle can be chosen by players and come into other jobs like real estate agents and construction workers.

Although, it seems that the game’s title is implying that players that they should be living a life which is full of crime as the possibilities are manifold and countless.

The full content can be accessed by the players for the Core Game during Early Access. There will be an increase in price as more features and content are added to it.

No date has been set for the end of the Early Access. It is only stated in the notes that ‘When it’s ready’.

On 17th April 2020 Badlands will be launched on Steam Early Access.

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