Gissia Castelnoble Has Brought to You a Quirky Tale of ‘The Helpful Star’ Illustrated by Alexander Castelnoble

Gissia Castelnoble pens down one of the most important messages in her story ‘The Helpful Star’. Alexander Castelnoble has titivated this book with his illustrations.

The Helpful Star

Gissia’s skillful ability to write an easy-to-follow original plot has transformed the story of a helpful star and hungry spider named Myles into a reflective message of gratitude for young children. In her story “The Helpful Star,” the author shares the power of friendship, kindness, and appreciation. The book is narrated for children aged 3 to 5.

Along with this beautifully narrated story, Alexander Castelnoble has gathered up his illustrating qualities to make this book even more wonderful. Some twists, humor, and smart messages make this book engaging for young children and their parents. The funny characters not only encourage children to seek help but also demonstrate the importance of giving and sharing with others.

Gissia Castelnoble is a child and adolescent psychologist who educates her young clients on complex themes related to mental health by incorporating storytelling in her therapeutic sessions.‘The Helpful Star’ is a valuable resource for parents but also therapists, as it encourages young children to seek support when needed and appreciate the assistance they receive, even if it’s not what they expected. Gissia’s story conveys easy-to-grasp messages on compassion and sharing, making it a beautiful and intriguing tale.

You can find this colorful and unforgettable book on Amazon.

The book is available here:

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