AI has been in the talk lately, and why is that? People finally understand the threat this new technology poses, and how it might be affecting society. With the advancement of AI humans everywhere are feeling threatened by this progress. And if you look at this progress closely you will […]

Working from any corner of the world, with only a working internet connection, and your laptop- this gives freedom to a person like never imagined before. Exactly three years ago the world has seen something like never before, the COVID-19 pandemic. It not only changed the world forever but also […]

Netflix is one of the well-curated and diverse OTT platforms; along with good curation, they also deliver good original contents, which fuel their impressive growth. Since the time of its inception, Netflix has been churning out some extensively compelling original content that has gripped audiences across the globe. During the […]

Herbal teas bring in several health properties that make your immunity strong, and help you achieve better heart health, sleep quality, digestion, and so much more. The holiday season is here but without the usual cough and cold. At this time, if you are a huge coffee drinker, it might […]

Everyone loves to have healthy skin but it is hard due to various reasons, long working hours, stress, and other factors. But these supplements will give you flawless skin. Do you want your skin to glow all the time? Due to pollution, bad eating patterns, and deprivation of sleep, people […]