Lower Decks, The Brand New Series From Rick And Morty Creator To Unveil On 2020



The creator of Rick and Morty series, Mike McMahan revealed more information regarding the upcoming animated series, Star Trek: Lower Decks. Two years ago, this series has already received a two-season order. This series revolves around the topic where a crew remains at the lower deck of a minor ship in the Starfleet. Besides Rod Roddenberry, Katie Krenz and Trevor Roth, McMahan will also act as showrunner.

Mcmahan, the Rick and Morty Creator- Startrek, was so elated with the announcement of this show that he was unable to control his excitement. It’s like a dream-fulfillment to him. Despite being it an animated series, viewers, and fans will be able to familiarize with this universe while watching it.  It’s a tribute to the series of the Star Trek. According to McMahan, this series will last for thirty minutes and it comprises four main characters. These four characters are, Ensign Boimler, Ensign Rutherford, Ensign Mariner, and Ensign Tendi.

As this Star Trek: Lower Decks series will advance, some more characters like Commander Jack Ransom, Captain Carol Freeman, Dr. T’ana, Lt. Shaxs will appear. In the writer’s accordance, this animated series will be centered on family. Though it will generate some funny situations, their main focus will be the characters.

In the previous assignment on Twitter account, McMahan did the parody of the Star Trek: Generation. He composed one episode of the Star Trek: Short Trek series, which was on air in October 2018.

The first season will finish with a contest which will initiate season 2. Following Mcmahan, after Star Trek: Nemesis, this upcoming series event will occur in the year 2380. This interesting series will be dropping on CBS, next year at some point in time. It’s ordered for ten episodes already. It will be the very first project of the CBS Eye Animation and you will be able to find out the entire coverage at the Comic-Con of San Diego.