Star Wars The Old Republic Creates An Astonishing Nautolan Character Into The Game


According to happygamer website, Star Wars the Old Republic introduces a new character, the Nautolans in the 6th update on 22nd October, 2019. Even non-star war fans can also acknowledge this third extra species created in the game as Kit Fisto from the Prequel trilogy where the Jedi Master who confronted Emperor Palpatine and was the third to fall. But unlike in the movies, these Nautolans are in the game is much more vibrant and open to more options of their appearance. So the Nautolan Character Creation In Star Wars The Old Republic Game comes with variety.

There is a lot of variety in the newly created characters of Nautolans in the game that were not seen in the movies. It comes with two definite genders male and female which were never shown in Star War movies. Another new feature of these characters is that now they come in four different structures regarding its gender, height, weight and shape and size. The game has a whole new crazy collection of seventy two head options across all four body types, eleven options for scars for the extra character,  eleven options for the complexion of the skin, six eye colors, nine options for strange jewelry, ten skin color options and seventy-three options for patterns and pattern colors.

With almost 1536 options to choose and get desired new attire for Nautolans in both genders is simply dynamic and it will enthuse the players to create the character in a different way even in a more human way. Now Nautolans players will also have a variety to lists to choose from just like a human who offer a wide assortment of hair, makeup, and tattoos.

Most of the changing options come from the parts of the head and pattern to make each Nautolan distinctive. There are different styles of tentacles that work as a hair on its head and the tentacles can be pulled back or tied up with various bands or to let it free flow like ha hairstyle to make more customized Nautolan.

One can choose patterns of colors from dots and lines just like the Twi’lek and Togruta patterns making it visible more like tattoos. But these are more than just tattoo marks on tentacles, they spread over face.

It’s true that Nautolan doesn’t have several variations in skin color as the Twi’leks do but there is a color combination of blue, yellow, green and nearly gray, with different shades of these colors to have a more colorful appearance.

Now it comes to jewelry that contributes the most to the creation of the Nautolan character. There is a long list of crown-like adornments just like the Pureblood Sith, with eye patches that no other species have access to. For other species, it comes along with the headpiece to get eye patches.

Nautolans add a great amount of amusement with specific customization to SWTOR which was long expected by the fans over all these years. After adding this new character to the fans, the fans should focus on what they can come up next with.

Jerry Simmons

Jerry Simmons

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