This February, The Train Simulator ‘Railway Empire’ Is All Set To Enter Nintendo Switch Consoles


Coming February, the popular train simulator game Railway Empire is all set to come to the Nintendo Switch consoles across the globe. Spreading the network of their railway system across the United States, the gamers will go through an elaborate campaign. The trailer of the Railway Empire-Nintendo Switch Edition has been officially released on YouTube for avid gamers to have a peek into the gaming experience provided by it.  The Train Simulator ‘Railway Empire’ Is Pulling Up To Nintendo Switch Consoles This February.

The game, which starts in the United States of 1830, carries the players from one coast to another, apart from making them enter into a new century. The game is packed with several life-like, relatable features like economic parameters, dealing with railway competition, and transportation optimization.

Similar to the functioning of real-life companies, players will have to ensure the building up of a railway system by means of a campaign that is beset by different challenges as well as obstacles that need to be overcome. The gamers will run their railway company through different eras and make use of new technology as they become available to them through innovation.

In all, the player can have over 300 technologies available to him where he can seek to invest. Thus the player will have to restructure his company with the help of over 300 technologies available to him in accordance with the economy and rival companies.

The player also has a wide variety of locomotives and wagons, with different strengths and weaknesses, available to him that he can choose to buy throughout the game. The gamer can make a choice from these different elements to see which one works best for his company.

An added USP of the game is the option to interact with competitors. Thus, the players would not be limited to just dealing financially with his competitors but will have the freedom to even hire spies to gather information about the goings-on in the railway company of his rivals. He would also be able to hire bandits for more of a direct approach.

The players can even play the Construction mode in case their sole aim is to build their railway company. The mode ensures that the players are not subjected to campaign restrictions, besides allowing them to create their railway masterpiece.

Receiving above-average reviews, the game Railway Empire was released in early 2018 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Allowing players to stretch their railway system into Canada, Mexico, and through the mountain range Andes, the Nintendo Switch Edition will retain some of the DLC’s that were released for the other consoles.

For the gamers who wish to try their hand at handling a railway company, they can choose to buy the Railway Empire-Nintendo Switch Edition at a pocket pinch of $39.99. As the game will be releasing on Valentine’s Day-that is, February 14- it could also be a good gift for your loved one.

Although the game can be played via TV mode, Tabletop mode, as well as Handheld mode, the game requires a large download space of 5.6 GB. However, the game is only meant for single player. For crazy lovers of simulator games, Railway Empire is definitely an excellent choice to go for.

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