Enjoy Your Own Company But Think Twice Before ‘Eating Alone’



Some people consume food just to get the fun of eating and they don’t care about healthy consumption-researches have proved that this affinity is more common among the people who live a secluded and lonely life rather than people who are very much active with their friends and family. Government data has recorded that more Canadian are living a solitary life than before and the result of which many home-made foods are eaten solo.

Kate Mulligan, an associate professor at the University of Toronto’s School of Public Health, describes that though the generic awareness has been put on the adults who are eating and living alone this bone of contention can affect everyone.Mulligan wonders that Gen Y mostly depends on the ordered foods from outside and they don’t even have cooking facilities at their apartment!

But is it really harmful to eat alone?-if a closer look can be given it can be seen that the damages can easily surpass the benefits as while eating alone there’s a tendency of not following up the right posture to eat, the crave for junk foods gets high when a person eats alone and most importantly eating alone can make people feel isolated from others.

Canada’s Food Guide inspires people to eat with others. It says eating with others may prevent them from falling into the pray of depression, loneliness, and other psychological disorders and it has an added advantage that they can discuss various types of nutritional diets and healthier foods which will be favorable for their health.

There are pros to every cons, so if anyone wants to eat alone and enjoy his own company that is certainly acceptable and beneficial too for him as eating alone while traveling can’t be avoided and can be a great moment to connect with others. For the people who have younger children eating alone for them can be a refreshment.

Still, this doesn’t mean eating alone should be a permanent regime to follow as it is not a healthy habit in the long run. Canada’s Food Guide insists on executing several interactive plans to meet with friends or family members for meals, encourages to eat lunch in with colleagues at the workspace and celebrating community participation to fight back the negative impacts which eating alone carries.

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