Historic Debut Is Made By Esports At The 2019 Southeast Asian Games Which Included Heartstone And Dota II



11 countries comprise the Southeast Asian Games and waves are made across media as e-sports are debuted as part of the sports biennial celebrations. The event has been held in the Philippines this year as the e-sport genre makes up for six medals altogether and it should be earned so that it is put on a pedestal in competition other than this. The event was held at FilOil Flying V Center, as a major chunk of the prize pool is taken by the booming industry which has got a bigger stage. Esports Make Historic Debut At The Southeast Asian Games 2019 Including Dota II and Hearthstone


In the video game titles, there will competition among national athletes wit titles such as Dota II, Starcraft II, Hearthstone, Tekken 7, Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


The national team of the Philippines, Sibol is very much poised to win in a big way in eSports’ first edition in the said event. Dota II has got a line-up of five persons which consists of Marvin Rushton, Bryle Alvizo, John Anthony Vargas, Jerico Manalaysay and James Guerra. In the game for the gold medal, Sibol was trailing behind Thailand but the victory was claimed as they managed to collect themselves and won 3-2.


Cavaiar Acampado from the Philippines claimed the gold medal in Starcraft II as they defeated their counterpart from Singapore with a score of 4-1.


Indonesia who is heavily-favored were not able to hold back the Philippines in the Mobile Legend game. In gold medal’s game 1 Indonesia was shocked by Sibol but they went on to lose the second and third games consecutively which has created unpredictability in the series.


In-game 4 Esmeralda was not banned by the Indonesians as a free pass was given by them to the Philippines so that the hero can be picked. 


In the fight for the first team, Esmeralda has got a triple kill and game 4 was given to the Philippines. The momentum is carried forward as gold was claimed by the host for the SEA Games in Mobile Legends against the mobile Legends team which is the most decorated to date.


In an interview, Sibol’s Karl Nepomuceno said that the main reason behind Indonesia choose to not ban Esmeralda for the 4th game for the fact that they were not scared enough.


For the Malaysian team, the gold medal was taken by Dr. Yew Weng Kean in Hearthstone after beating Popian Werit of Thailand, 3-1. According to the professor of the Heriot-Watt University who said in an interview that this a trending now in Esports and this will remain regardless of the fact what we do. It should be looked at from a positive angle by the parents because gaming can help you improve your strategic, critical and thinking skills.


It was Tekken 7 that AK from Philippines bowed to Book of Thailand in the match for the gold medal, 3-2. In Valor Arena, the Workpoint Fighting Fish of Thailand triumphed in the final game over Indonesia, 3-0.


There has been a partnership between the organization and Razer where eSports are delivered with live streaming via their channel Twitch.


The 2022 Asian Games will also include video games as their medal events. It has been said by the Olympic Council of Asia that the involvement of eSports can demonstrate worldwide popularity and vast development regarding these sports which has a new form.


The International Olympic Committee President, Thomas Bach has stated that eSports has been ‘too violent’ last year that it cannot include it in the line-up sports in Olympics. He also said that all the combat sports have an origin that has got a real fight but in Olympics, the civilized versions are the modernized versions of combat sports.


In the southeast Asian Games, there is the participation of Cambodia, Brunei, Laos, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Timor-Leste, Thailand, and Vietnam. The sporting event will take place between 30th November and 11th December.


The SEA Games official website can be visited to get the total media results.

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