Dragon Age 4 Is Crucial For Bioware In The Aftermath Of The Mass Effect/Anthem For Andromeda’s Failure

Dragon Age 4 Could Be Make Or Break For Bioware In The Wake Of Anthem/Mass Effect Andromeda’s Failure


Bioware is reputed for creating story-driven and well-thought-out and RPG’s which are choice oriented for all time.

Above all, this is the very studio that is instrumental in creating some of the audience’s favorites like the Jade Empire, Star War Knights of The Old Republic and the actual trilogy of the game Mass Effect.

Nevertheless, in the world of gaming, everything is about what has been done for the audience recently.

With regards to Bioware as its most important concern is EA, which is the parent company, the question can be answered easily as not much. Dragon Age 4 Could Be Make Or Break For Bioware In The Wake Of Anthem/Mass Effect Andromeda’s Failure.

The two major releases which came from Bioware most recently, the multi-player shooter Anthem and Mass Effect Andromeda as both of them proved to be critical and commercial failures.

The game’s technical issues are surrounded by a major part of it, which is very much noticeable in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Andromeda has to immediately climb a huge mountain. It is an extension of the RPG series which is the most beloved in Mass Effect 1-3 and is an all-time favorite. In spite off the outrage of fans about their belief that Mass Effect 3 has got a lackluster ending but the community at large still thinks the games which are original are still looked upon as favorites.

Regarding Andromeda, some more time is needed by the game clearly along with the developers before it is going to be released. The gamers first got their hands on the version where an insane number of bugs has been featured for a studio release which is quite a major one. Characters were present in the wrong position as some of them floating in midair, the animation was not done and the game-breaking glitches are in huge numbers.

Bioware relied more on a loot system which is bad along with Anthem which is a common issue in EA and the story lacks substance as it is the story which is craved by the Bioware fans and also EA insisted on using game engine through the use of Frostbite, in spite of the fact that it is not the best possible option for the title.

While it seems that Mass Effect Andromeda has been abandoned by BioWare which cancels all DLC’s that are story-driven and has been anticipated originally as they are still making an effort to fix the Anthem with a patch update which is massive.

Nevertheless, BioWare will try to look into the future.

Particularly, there will be a heavy focus on Dragon Age 4.

The last major victory by BioWare was Dragon Age Inquisition. Dragon age 4 has created a lot of excitement among gamers, which is believed by many that it could very well arrive for the consoles of the next generation sometime around 2022. With Anthem and Mass Effect both seems to be extinct it is up to Dragon Age so that the fan faith is restored in the ability of BioWare so that a story can be told and dish out a polished and solid game.

To do that successfully, BioWare needs to bide time and focus on the gameplay and story and too many Anthem-style elements of multiplayer should not be incorporated in the game by compromising with the main campaign story.

Studios are closed down by EA and they were never shy about it. There is immense pressure for dragon age and it is mounting continuously to perform well and catapulting BioWare back into the good books of fans who are both new and old.

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