Reminisce The Nostalgic Cyberpunk World Of Deus Ex Franchise With Deus Ex GO On Android And iOS For Free

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The turn-based stealth game Deus Ex Go from the makers of famous Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO tactical board games, has been a fan favorite for years. Set in a Square Enix’s Deus Ex universe, the title offers another futuristic challenging mystery for the fans to solve.

Initially launched in 2016, the game was previously available for $4.99 on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. But now Deus Ex GO is free for both Android and iOS devices, experience the cyberpunk intrigue of the Deus Ex franchise on your favorite mobile device. The nostalgic cyberpunk world brings back many memories for the fans of their favorite Deus Ex franchise. Solve the challenging puzzles and add the free download to your account and freely download it to any device you want.

The title lets you venture through a futuristic world with its unique and interesting plot. The players get to face and outwit guards, drones, turrets, and many other enemies with fifty different brilliantly crafted puzzles as the storyline progresses.

With tons of time-limited puzzles and an Infinite Mode, the game never gets boring, serving you an endless stream of brain teasers and riddles helping you exercise your brains for better results.

You can challenge yourself and solve the problems with Adam’s iconic augmentations from the Deus Ex franchise. These augmentations can turn the players invisible or change the map, or hack turrets giving them a chance to win. This title is a bit challenging but once you get a handle on it, this will become your favorite brain teaser always presenting greater challenges.

The community option in the title provides you with advanced difficulties. The intuitive Puzzle Maker feature of the title lets you create your own riddles and challenge others on it when you crave for something extra.

Deus Ex GO is strictly optimized for mobile users and it lets the players experience the same thrill of the Deus Ex world exploring the much loved future dystopian world of the game.

Now available for free, Deus Ex GO is featured on both Android and iOS platforms. Fans can also check out Lara Croft GO and Hitman GO from the same makers while they are at it. All of them feature their main characters as the center of attraction with the whole storyline revolving around them.

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