Boneloaf will now publish Gang Beasts alone after issues with Microsoft

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Developers of the popular party game Gang Beasts, Boneloaf has recently announced the future of its title and the company moving forward. Without sounding harsh and impolite towards the publishers, the developers have announced that they are planning to part ways with the publishers Double Fine Presents.

Boneloaf has stated that till now Double Fine had been amazing to them and what Tim and, his company have built is quite wonderful. But Boneloaf also added that with Double Fine Presents winding down due to Double Fine’s acquisition by Xbox Game Studios, they think it is a good and fair time for Boneloaf to stand on their legs and publish Gang Beasts on their own. In short, Gang Beasts Developers Decide To Self-Publish After Issues With Microsoft.

Furthermore, the authors confirm that how working with Double Fine Presents so far had helped them with wonderful support, advice, friendship, and also mentorship. But as now the company has been purchased by Microsoft, the future seems to be less assured.

The sad part is that the whole decision makes quite a lot of sense because with Double Fine Presents now being owned by an entirely different company, it would be quite difficult for anyone to predict what decisions would be taken by the studio in the coming future.

Added to this, Boneloaf would be now facing a bit more of a sluggish production schedule as rather than simply collaborating with Double Fine Presents, the ultimate approval shall now come down from Microsoft.

Therefore instead of just allowing their production and also their freedom to make choices suffer in silence, Boneloaf came up with the idea and decided to simply part ways. Fortunately, they are completing the same announcement along with some news regarding how they are planning to move forward.

News has it that authors have stated that currently, they are testing build 1.3, their next release. The Build 1.3 is composed with Unity 2019.3 and also includes a modified version of the wheel stage along with some support for the online game modes, and also includes a series of optimizations, and fixes for UI, audio, costumes, game play, and achievements as well.

It is quite delightful to watch Boneloaf already have plans on how they intend to move ahead, and what shall be their next move. Having revealed such details, fans are sure to be assured about the quality and the development of the game, and that they don’t have to fall behind because of the split.

Although their resources may be a bit lower to accomplish what they want, Boneloaf seems to have more freedom moving forward. It seems that by going independent, Boneloaf will be able to explore exactly what they had been willing to without any sort of overhead.

However, it is quite disheartening to see the partnership coming to an end. Double Fine Presents and Boneloaf had together been able to create a fantastic title together, and that shows in the massive community Gang Beats has readily accrued. But as it happens, fans can now only hope that everything continues to improve in the future.

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