Top 15 Games in May 2024 That You Should Definitely Try

The gaming industry is constantly expanding with new games and new players. Let’s find out the top 15 games of May 2024 that you should definitely play.

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The constant flux of technological advancement and modern tools is allowing developers to come up with new games with added flairs of creativity and interaction. 2024 embarked with many new games which are currently the epitome of most gamers and streamers on Twitch and YouTube. So far, 2024 has offered games like Palworld, Helldivers 2, Grey Zone Warfare, and many others which are played by millions of game enthusiasts around the world. Thanks to platforms like Unreal Engine 5 and other game portals allow developers to put in more work hours and create an intriguing experience for gamers.

Whether you like FPS, TPS, co-op, PVP, Team Fights, or battle royals; there is something for everyone. Starting from story-driven characters to close combats with your favorite skins; games have offered many memorable moments in 2024. Now, it is time to take a better look at the top 15 games that were released in May.

  1. Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle: Chomp Champs

Battle royal games like PUBG, Call of Duty Warfare, Apex Legends, etc have gained much popularity in the last decade with so many people playing around the world yet together. It allowed multiple players to fight against each other whether PVP or team versus other other teams. The nostalgic 2D game Pac-man which is a kind of arcade gaming after pinball; is now coming with a Battle Royal experience. Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle: Chomp Champs is one of the fascinating releases of May that allows 64 players to take part together in a crazy chomping adventure. The players can get into each other’s mazes and consume each other. The mazes can continuously collapse and the player always has to be on the move!

  • Launch Date – May 9th
  1. Home World 3

The Home World 2 was released 21 years ago and now, the third sequel of the game is creating new buzz among the fans with an intergalactic adventure. The game franchise has promised to add more fun elements onboard which could be a game changer for many. The follows the story of human survival in space which includes spaceship battles and satisfying utilization of the z axis. Through the rogue mode, players can also challenge each other.

  • Launch Date – May 13th
  1. The Rogue Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia is that one game that stays in the hearts of gamers no matter how many versions or sequels it has. The latest version is called The Rogue Prince of Persia which follows a more animated style of art, offering an anime-like feeling and the main character is you. The game is comprised of robust combat systems which makes it look smooth and satisfying. It is only available for early access right now.

  • Launch Date – May 14th
  1. Die By The Blade

While a lot of gamers enjoy shooting enemies with various guns, some might just want to hack and slash their enemies with their favorite melee weapon such as a Sword. Die By The Blade is specially designed for Shonen fans or people who have a knack for blades. It is amazing that the developers did not add any power or supernatural skills in this case. It is nothing but a 1v1 intense blade battle where one deadly blow can prove fatal. Some good old duel between two online players sounds interesting indeed.

  • Launch Date – May 14th
  1. Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut

You might be wondering why Ghost of Tsushima is on the may list when it is released before. Previously the game was only limited to Xbox users but now, the latest director’s cut has launched with a PC version. It goes without saying how good Ghost of Tsushima is. Whether it is the creative storyline or the smoothness and fluidity of the action sequences, the game has its own cinematic aesthetics which makes it one of a kind. Even if you have loved it on the console, make sure to try out the PC version that comes with a handful of additional features.

  • Launch Date – May 16th

6.Senua’s Saga: HellBlade 2

Well, Microsoft did not put much marketing effort into the launch of this game yet the sequel of the game has made many gamers happy. Starting from its cinematic trailer to fluid mechanics along with grim supernatural elements; this is by far the most substantial release by the game franchise. It is not the biggest release of May but definitely a significant one that comes with a lot of action. It is developed on Unreal Engine.

  • Launch Date – May 21st
  1. Multiverses

Well, if there is something that can beat the multiverse theory by Marvel; that would be Multiverses. This game has previously gained much attention with its wide range of characters that includes everyone from your childhood. Starting from Looney Tunes, and Tom & Jerry to MCU characters, DC heroes, and many others; this game is something that you can never get bored of. Whether you play 1v1, 2v2, or versus a computer; the new release of the game will keep you hooked with new characters, abilities, and a revamped look.

  • Launch Date – May 28th
  1. F1 24

Almost every other car enthusiast guy wants to drive the F1 once in their life. The fascinating essence of driving an F1 with pumping adrenaline can be felt through the forthcoming game F1 24. The trailer for the game shows that the game offers real-life physics and mechanics for the game along with a career option that allows you or the racer to gain accolades and other awards based on their achievements on the race track. So, racers can actually follow a path of success.

  • Launch Date – May 31st
  1. World of Goo 2

World of Goo was one of the top 50 popular games when it launched. The unparalleled popularity of the game made the franchise come up with another sequel of the game which will offer the previous experience in a better and more advanced way. The concept of the game is pretty simple where you live as a gooey creature in the game that has to survive in the harsh world with constant puzzles and obstacles.

  • Launch Date – May 23rd
  1. Moto GP 24

Moto GP is perhaps not the biggest release of May but there are still many fans who would like to try it out with some new features. Moto GP 24 will be offering a more personal taste to the players as it is comprised of adaptive difficulty levels where riders can fine-tune their experience. It will also come with monthly challenges, offering a fun alternative to the players.

  • Launch Date – May 2nd
  1. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic

There are a lot of World of Warcraft fans out there and they will be happy to know more about the latest version of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic. The latest version will be offering seven new zones, two new races, new dungeons, new challenges, and a lot more that fans cannot wait the play. There will be a shift in playing and style and difficulty with new characters and abilities.

  • Launch Date – May 20th
  1. Morbid: The Lords of Ire

Just like the name of the game suggests, Morbid will be an action-packed grim horror adventure. In this game, players can enjoy a satisfying hack-and-slash experience of killing terrifying opponents including overly powerful bosses. The game is set in a dark yet adventurous world where one can face many creatures and dark spirits.

  • Launch Date – May 23rd
  1. System Shock

Well, this game has previously been released once but could gain the attention that it deserves. The underrated game is back with a revamp, with more action and appealing visuals that captivate the gamers. Flashy, colorful, and popping textures; this game is a fun piece to enjoy with the weird sci-fi enemies. It comes with several difficulty levels. If you like action in space, you need to definitely try this game.

  • Launch Date – May 21st
  1. Endless Ocean Luminous

If you are someone who wants to enjoy deep sea adventures and has no fear of depth, well; you have got your game! Endless Ocean Luminous is more like open-world sea adventures like Subnautica but this game is very old. The franchise has finally decided to come up with a sequel after a long time. Hopefully, the latest version will offer more updates that have never been experienced before by the players.

  • Launch Date – May 2nd
  1. Prison Architect 2

This is the craziest game on the list which is a follow-up of the first part of the game. It is a prison simulator that comes with a lot of fan elements to get engaged to. Whether get caught or not, try this prison experience!

  • LaunchDate – May 7th

Stay tuned to find out more exquisite games releasing this year.


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