Sluurpy makes a call for restaurant owners: how to claim the restaurant on the Social Food Network of Sluurpy

The Social Food Network of Sluurpy is making a major call worldwide to help restaurant owners to claim their page on Sluurpy. In this way, Sluurpy aims to be a open and wide portal with the most complete and trustful information of activities.

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- New York City, Nov 25, 2020 ( – Sluurpy is one of the first social food network worldwide, a “square court” where all the digital users can select among millions of restaurants placed in 67 countries, and choose the best place to eat, according to tastes and preferences.

In Sluurpy, the so called “Fuudies” can choose and select among over 4 millions of restaurants, browsing the official menus, photos, and clicking the telephone numbers, all features combined in one single search engine.

However, not all the restaurants present in the platform are owned and managed by the real owner. There are still accounts of restaurant not updated that are not claimed by anyone. There are often problems not only in collecting data, but also updating them with correct information. That’s why Simone Giovannini, the founder and CEO of Sluurpy, intends to launch a major call to restaurant owners around the world.

This major call for getting restaurants claimed worldwide is done with the intention to gather restaurant owners, and with their help providing reliable and up-to-date information and thus giving to prospect customers the most trustful information. Simone Giovannini, founder and CEO of Sluurpy, states: 

“In the broad internet, it is increasingly common to find errors about physical and real activities. In the restaurant industryr, often users expects a certain kind of service/prodcuct, but when they go to the place, the expectation is different from the actual experience. Thus, we want to launch a call to all restaurant owners and asking them to claim the property of restaurants in Sluurpy. Once the restaurants will be verified,” continues Giovannini ” users will find good information and will be more prone to reserve a table or order a meal in the restaurant with the new information. In this way also restaurant owners receive benefits in applying for the verification process”

All the restaurants can be provided with several benefits, among them the official Sluurpy’s reccomendation ready-to-print, an increase of points in the overall score of Sluurpy and a sign of identification on Sluurpy that testify the restaurant is “real” and certified. 

“Thanks to this and other features, Sluurpy works to become globally the reference point for restaurant choice. – concludes Giovannini – The commitment of the company is to provide the users with objective and transparent tools in order to make them aware and well informed about their delicious daily choices: collaboration with restaurants represent the pillar Sluurpy relies on.”

Are you looking for claiming your restaurant on Sluurpy? You will be provided with a recognition of your work online: you will be certified with a particular sign of identification on Sluurpy, you will be awarded with extra points in your overall score and being recommended immediately on Sluurpy.

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