Understand the Benefits of Press Release Distribution Service and Forget All the Myths

Many myths are revolving around the scope of PR distribution. Sometimes the subject raises questions against the effectiveness of the content for business or new ventures. These myths are often led by the redundant media and advertising companies.

Benefits of Press Release Distribution Service in United States
Best press release distribution service

The misinformation has faded in past few years and the importance of the press release distribution service is as clear as water to the business owners, SEO experts, media marketers, bloggers, artists, and everyone.

The significance remains as it the best and the most convenient way to gain popularity effectively and organically. The myths are broken down to the raw truth to have a better opinion.

Sending PR Across Every Outlet

A press release works only in the niche platforms depending on the relevance of the topic. One has to remember sending it to every other media outlet is not going to be fruitful and in the worst-case scenario, it will be rejected for distribution.

For example, a Fashion magazine will not be interested publish your content if it is about medicines. Likewise, a medical journal would not approve a press release written on the latest Handbag. So it is very important to understand your field and relevant platforms to make an effective promotion. 

Another benefit of the Press release is that it is written in a journalistic tone to make sure it’s news-worthy enough. Some of the news and media platforms accept news-like contents that can gather a lot of attention through readers and target audiences.

Including Too Many Links

Some improvisations can be done while crafting a press release, like adding a link. However, this feature is misused by some companies who add numerous links to the content. As a result, the readers get confused among the cluster of links and end up being on some other content from the actual one. Also, it’s a clumsy representation to make it advertisement-like which should be avoided. Making the PR look like a pretentious advertisement only makes it clumsy. Adding 2-3 links is more than enough to provide vital information and guide the users. Try to make it as presentable as possible without adding too many elements.

Press Release is Only Issued before an Event

This is another myth that revolves around the distribution of a PR. Of course, a press release can be issued before an event, which is known as Call-to-action. But there are many other occasions on which a Press release can be distributed, like

  • Launch of new service
  • Charity events
  • Special events (including sales events)
  • Media contact introduction or update
  • Changes in management or ownership
  • Certifications or licensing
  • Groundbreaking
  • Awards/Honors/Achievements
  • Website launch
  • Expert positioning
  • Launch of new product
  • Moving to a new building/location
  • Website redesign
  • Announcing partnerships
  • Promotions/Staff changes
  • Milestones
  • Research
  • Acquisitions

There could be many other reasons but the reason does not always require to exclusive or popular. The only thing it has to be is relevant as well as informative.


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