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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Tokyo, Japan Feb 23, 2021 ( – Our successful model is made possible because of our dedicated team of IPO specialists. Eten Group’s knowledgeable staff guarantees a seamless interface between the client and all additional parties involved. We work diligently with outside counsel and think it’s crucial for a client’s legal team to establish a mutual trust with us.

They value our comprehensive expertise and know we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to facilitate all the document preparation necessary for closing, and, when needed, provide recommendations on various issues pertaining to that specific offering, and after the IPO – especially in that first year after IPO.

In addition, Eten Group has the distinct advantage of proprietary, fully-integrated infrastructure and application platforms. This not only keeps our recordkeeping in-house, but it ensures a secure operating environment. Our IPO specialists can immediately address client needs and meet changing regulatory requirements.

Another way we deliver value is by ensuring that clients will have the same level of service pre-and post-IPO. 

Our specialists work with our relationship managers from the beginning stages of the transitional process, and the latter is assigned to take over once the IPO closes.

What makes Eten Group unique in this space?

Eten Group has achieved this success and distinguished ourselves from other companies with industry-leading expertise and technology, a breadth of client services, and the extensive benefits we provide both during and after the IPO.

We set ourselves apart by managing a streamlined operation and removing operational obstacles so we can focus on the complex needs of our clients. One major advantage in this regard is that we do everything from a central location in Tokyo. This allows our relationship support teams to get critical, time-sensitive client questions resolved simply by walking across the hall. In this way, we differ from some others in the space that conducts business from call centers and processing departments spread across multiple locations around the globe.

Perhaps the most important advantage in working with Eten Group is that we are a one-stop-shop for a company’s entire lifecycle, from its time in the private market through the IPO planning process, and then finally as a publicly traded company.

For more information on any IPO, you would like to consider contacting one of our IPO Experts and allow them to walk you through the process.

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