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Interview with a Film Investor

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Woodbridge, Virginia Mar 12, 2021 ( – Anthony Johnson Owner and Founder of Indie Black Film LLC and Indie Black Film TV Just released a new audiobook “Interview with a film Investor”. It will help all the filmmakers about what should be in the package to raise funding? It can be purchased on our website for just 9.99. Raise the funding that you need to bring your idea to your life.
Most films get funds through a combination of investors but sometimes it is difficult for the filmmakers to get enough funds to complete their project. This is the point where the audiobook will going to help you. Anthony Johnson who is the owner of Indie Black Film LLC and Indie Black Film TV shares these precious views and tips of a film financier that will help you to raise your fund for any film project.
Financing a film project is the most crucial aspect of any film because the production team needs funding to pay for every step of the film-making process and make it a successful project. Secure funds for a film project can be an arduous task for filmmakers, but there are many viable financing options available to pursue. You can learn different techniques through this book to finance your film project.
It’s an interview with a film finance finder. The guest has been a film investor for over 20 years and 4 of the biggest producers in Hollywood go to him for money.
You can find out:
The Secrets of Receiving Finance
What the Package Is And What Should Be included In Your Package
What Budget Range Is The Easiest To Receive Funds
Distribution Options And More
No Fluff – Just 32 minutes long

It feels like one of the most significant hurdles in film making is securing adequate financial backing for your film projects. While it is possible for some people to self-finance, apply for bank loans, locate individual investors, or borrow money from friends and family in order to fund their films, even all these sources can run dry, and more often than not, they may not exist in the first place. At Indie Black Film, they can help filmmakers raise funding for the projects if the package is fully complete.

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Who I am interviewing:

A graduated person in film production who attended the professional training division at the American Film Institute started as a camera assistant to 3 time Grammy award winner cameraman and director of photography Mr. Charles Henry. He performed duties as a camera assistant, Camera operator, Production manager, and assistant to the producer in infomercials, music videos, concerts, advertising commercials, short films, and independent feature films. Directed about 5 music videos for Mr. Walter Khon who is the manager of the Temptations, assisted director Desmond Morris and attorney and producer Jon Divens who co-producer of the film Blade with Westley Snipes. He was a storyboard artist in the film Stolen Moments which was directed by TA Williams and was director of photography for actor-producer icon Rudy Ray Moore.

So, if you are a filmmaker and want to raise funds for your project, this audiobook will help you. You can buy this book from the following link only for $9.99:

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