New York Night Market, passion and simplicity, SONO Music Group presents their debut EP

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SONO Music Group announces the debut EP from New York Night Market duo, a melting pot of genres, spiced with fresh vibes and energy.

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Mar 15, 2021 ( – The release of NYNM (New York Night Market) debut EP paints the full picture of what the duo have been working on for the past 2 years. The first track of the EP is “You’re So Hard to Find,” the first song they wrote as a duo. At this point, they have been struggling with finding a unique sound that could bring both of their writing styles together. But it was then when New York Night Market wasn’t trying to put our writing in a box that their best collaboration came about. 

Listen to ‘New York Night Market’ EP HERE 

New York Night Market commented: “We wrote ‘You’re So Hard to Find’ in one afternoon, and that song sparked the much-needed inspiration to write the rest of our catalogue. The five songs that we selected as the ones to be included, ranging from our first ever written song to the last song we wrote before going into the studio, ‘The Remedy’.”

Every song in this EP is an example of the vulnerability, honesty, and relatability the duo wanted to show to the world through music. From love to heartbreak, from frustration to eager passion, this EP is an open letter to who the New York Night Market is.

New York Night Market is an alternative music duo formed in 2018 by Mateo Vargas and Anya Irvin. Now based in Northern California, the pair first met while attending music school in Los Angeles and, shortly thereafter, joined together to write music. They spent 2019 co-writing songs and digging deep to find a unique sound like a newly formed band. 

Tired of textbook songwriting, the two decided to leave school and venture into the music world on their own, embarking on their biggest journey yet. With a large repertoire of original music, the two united with one of Argentina’s producers and biggest rock stars, Gonzalo Aloras, to record their debut EP. The outset of 2020 marked the beginning of this project, as the three got together in studios in Argentina for the recording of their self-titled EP.

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