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The definition of ‘FAITH’ is believing in something without proof. In 2020, ‘FAITH’ was in high demand amongst Black people. The brutal killings of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd shook the soul of America. The police killing of George Floyd triggered the most significant civil rights protest in human history. Seeing a city-paid police officer kneel on the neck of a human being and watching his life die out in real-time engaged America and forced the conversation of systemic racism.    

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The United States of America is the wealthiest country in the world, and people were starving for months. Millions of people were praying for God to send food, flooding food banks for days searching for an essential meal. Churches became food distribution centers for all people, it’s funny how FAITH connects people to a purpose regardless of their ethnicity. The humanity of people illuminated the desperation for change and survival.    



Major Recording Artist Big Head Bandz was born with a dual soul. His father instilled within him the power of GOD and the value of ‘FAITH.’ Big Head Bandz maintains a unique perspective on life, living on both sides of GOD and Satan at different points in life. Struggle creates desperation and short-term planning. Big Head Bandz street life activity produced dark moments, fast money, empty soul, and death-defying circumstances.    


Big Head Bandz possesses a rap delivery infused with a unique balance of soul, instinctive vision, and unparalleled lifestyle lyrics. His latest single, ‘FAITH,’ is the perfect soundtrack for people in search of truth, inspiration, and hope for a better tomorrow. ‘FAITH’ combines all aspects of the life cycle and reminds us how God provides a way out if we allow him to carry our burdens. Big Head Bandz is America’s Soul Brother #1.    

Big Head Bandz is CEO of Got Bandz Entertainment, LLC and a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS.    


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