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Slow dating is a trend that came to stay!, an international dating platform, encourages singles to register and learn the real value of slow dating.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. May 17, 2021 ( – Dating apps make it easy for users to find partners online. With more and more people using dating platforms, everyone has better opportunities to find their matches. Thus, it might be easier to date several people for a short time, rather than working on strengthening one relationship. However, the difficult period caused by the Coronavirus made members of online dating sites re-evaluate the idea of dating. When the whole world was going through a crisis, most people felt the need to have one close person that will stay with them through everything. That feeling made even individuals that only like to have fun, without getting attached, want to try to commit more to someone. Developing a serious relationship cannot happen quickly. For that reason, invites users to try slow dating and learn its real value.

What is Slow Dating?

Slow dating, as the name implies, refers to relationships that take time to develop and grow. This type of dating requires time and commitment as partners aim to build a strong, long-term relationship. By investing more energy and time, couples increase the chances of having successful relationships. While speed dating also has its benefits, such as getting to know more different people, the benefits of slow dating are especially compelling to singles currently.

Benefits of Slow Dating

Establishing Friendship and Relationship

Considering that AsiaMe is a dating platform with useful tools that give users good chances to get to know each other, members that opt for slow dating usually make friendships before getting into a relationship. Therefore, friendship occurs first and transforms into a relationship only when people feel they should take that step. Relationships that started as friendships are extremely valuable. They don’t exist because of the lust, infatuation, or loneliness that might make people believe they are in love with someone even when they are not. This type of relationships is based on mutual connection, understanding, similarities, and all the other feelings and circumstances that make two people become friends. Having such a positive foundation is a great starting point for couples.

Building a Strong Bond

An instant connection can happen with many people. However, growing a strong bond is something that takes time. Couples need to get to know each other very well, build trust and relate on many levels so they can truly bond. None of these things can happen without slow dating. Talking to someone for long enough to feel close and relate to them takes time and effort. Once the bond grows strong, it’s very difficult to break it and that is what keeps couples together for a long time. The relationship becomes an essential part of life where partners support one another and share every day, strengthening the bond even more by going through different situations together.


Acceptance is one of the biggest features of slow dating. It works for both partners as they learn how to accept someone’s virtues and flaws, and be accepted the same way. Therefore, couples that start serious relationships are consciously or unconsciously working on their personalities. Since spending so much time with someone else involves many common activities, decisions, and discussions, it is understandable that couples cannot always agree. In fact, they could disagree frequently. The ability to overcome such disagreements and find solutions that both sides will be okay with is a big step. It makes partners more tolerant and understanding.

Compromising is crucial for a successful relationship. Two people come from different backgrounds, they have their habits, points of view, personality traits, past, a vision of the future, and everything else that every person has. When these two people start sharing every day, it is normal that they will need to adjust to one another to a certain extent. They will create new habits together, affect each other’s mindset, and create a new vision of the future. All of that takes time and patience but the outcome, having a companion to share everything with, is worth the wait.

About is an international dating platform that has been connecting Asian singles with people all over the world for over 10 years. With a large user base, premium matchmaking system, high level of security, simplicity, and quality services, now has become a reputable online dating website.

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Slow dating is a trend that came to stay!, an international dating platform, encourages singles to register and learn the real value of slow dating. (YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. May 17, 2021 ( – Dating apps make it easy for users to find partners online. With more and […]