At 23, Rishabh releases his sixth book, DEV-blending the world of SciFi – Mythology, with Ukiyoto Publishing


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Jun 13, 2021 ( – Rishabh Dubey, a young author hailing from the historic city of Lucknow, India, has narrated a fantastical take on the Indian Epic of Ramayana in his own science fiction variant entitled DEV. Ramayana is one of the oldest pieces of literature in the world. It is a story celebrated for thousands of years, specifically in the Indian sub-continent. Many believe it to be true, whereas many terms it incredible and mythological. With the persistence of fiction as a prominent genre in the 21st century, Dubey took to animating a few events from the story with an alternative science fiction outlook. The idea was to deliver a fresh perspective that people are more accustomed to, so as to re-ignite the urge to find heroes in the stories of the old just as one finds heroes in the stories of today.


“If we are to merely please and be afraid of Gods…what different are those Gods from these demons…who seek only pleasure and fear?”

– The Young Prince (DEV, Rishabh Dubey)


‘DEV’ is a word of Sanskrit origin that means “deity”. In the context of the book, it is an acronym that stands for Department of Extradimensional Vectors. It is quite conspicuous from the title itself how the book seeks to bring the two parallels together. The book narrates the story of Dr. Matang Leeladhar Swamy, who is a researcher working for the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). While conducting his experiments on particle acceleration and hyperspatial travel, a series of unprecedented events brings Dr. Swamy into the midst of the long-lost history of humankind. Faced with a war he had known only through mythologies, Matlee(as he was known by his colleagues) can do anything but avoid being a part of it. But, was his newfound role going to change the course of history altogether? Or did he have that very role to play all along? Rishabh answers it all through this thrilling and adventurous journey of DEV.


The amalgamation of fiction, fantasy, reality, and mythology has been Dubey’s innate dream. Being born in India, the Epics played a major role throughout his childhood. Eventually, after publishing several books in the genres of pure fantasy, science-fiction, and non-fiction respectively, he contemplated the need for fusing multiple genres to expand the horizon of existing stories beyond all boundaries. Thus, he wrote DEV, which is his sixth overall book and the first of three planned books of the DEV series. The book is divided into five chapters, namely Yatra, Yuga, Yagya, Yuddha, and Yantra–that can be simply translated as Journey, Epoch, Sacrifice, War, and Instrument respectively. They represent the five different phases of Dr. Matang’s journey through time and his existential purpose. Packed with adventure, history, time travel, technology, battles, mystery, and more, the book still manages to be short of 200 pages. DEV represents the model of 21st-century retelling, where stories need to be reimagined and passed on along with the original ones intact.


Born and raised in the heart of Uttar Pradesh, the Indian state home to the famous Taj Mahal, Rishabh was exposed to the mythical stories of Indian literature and history ever since his early childhood. Further exposure to global literature and underlying diverse cultures created a fusion amid his thought processes, thereby shaping his storytelling. With six books to his name so far, Dubey has covered various genres like political satire, fantasy, science-fiction, biography, anthology, poetry, etc., all before his 24th birthday, which coincidentally falls on the 4th of July. Rishabh has worked with numerous publishing houses, including Partridge India (a subsidiary of Penguin Random House), Leadstart Corp, Pothi, and his latest collaboration with Ukiyoto Publishing for DEV. He has also launched a global initiative called ‘The Voices of Silence’ to give a free-of-cost and simple publishing platform to all young and aspiring authors as a launchpad. Lastly, Dubey is presently working on sequels to his already published works, which also includes a sequel to DEV entitled ‘Battle of the Ten Kings’.


The narrative goes back to the mythical age where you can find a beautiful co-existence of humans, superhuman, demons, and yes, the apes. I have enjoyed the various types of apes, monkeys and their wholesome presence throughout the novel but the most interesting part of the novel is the characters of Medha and Matlee. The readers are going to enjoy the characterization of these two individuals. They are natural, they are realistic and most importantly, they keep the humane quotient of the novel alive. Spaceships. Chariots, Missile, Violence, Planet of the Apes, Epics, and crispy story-telling–DEV shines like a bright star.

–          Mr. Debraj Moulik, Lecturer of English


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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Jun 13, 2021 ( – Rishabh Dubey, a young author hailing from the historic city of Lucknow, India, has narrated a fantastical take on the Indian Epic of Ramayana in his own science fiction variant entitled DEV. Ramayana is one of the oldest pieces of literature in […]