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Business and personal, scheduled, and on-demand delivery service of Central Indiana

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Indianapolis, Indiana Jun 17, 2021 ( – Local business owner John Geiger answers the call for personalized, professional, on-demand, and scheduled delivery services throughout Hamilton County and Central Indiana.

Delivery Animals LLC is a secure, safe, reliable, personalized on-demand and scheduled delivery service for businesses and private customers in central Indiana with well-trained professionals that will get your essential packages to their destination.

This courier service is tailored to you whether you need a one-off or daily and weekly schedule.

Delivery Animals vehicles range from compact cars, vans, trucks with liftgates, and even 52-foot semi-trucks for heavy loads.

According to Geiger, “We deliver almost anything. No matter what you need, our cost, reliability, convenience, and safety deliver improved service for your local business.”

Delivery Animal rates are highly competitive. Single delivery costs start at $4.00 + $1.50 per mile for small packages and can be as low as half of that for subscription customers. Much more affordable than other similar services that cover Central Indiana.

Download and unleash the convenient Delivery Animals app on Google Play or the Apple App store and receive 20% off your first order.

“Scheduled and routed delivery services offer our customers an economical and convenient way to meet their ongoing delivery needs,” Geiger said. “Whether scheduled delivery service needs one location or multiple locations, our Delivery Animals staff will make sure the delivery gets there on time, every time.”

Continuing its mission as a good corporate citizen, Delivery Animals will donate 1% of its profits to the Humane Society of Hamilton County, an organization that demonstrates and promotes exemplary animal care by building community programs and partnerships.

Visit or call 1-888-508-8568 for all your Central Indiana, on-demand, scheduled business, and personal delivery needs.

Are you a Delivery Animal? Delivery Animals LLC is hiring new drivers. Email: [email protected]

About owner John Geiger:
Geiger has a lifetime of experience in the delivery industry. He started with a paper route, delivered pizza at age 16, handled bicycle delivery in downtown Chicago at age 20, and delivered items independently since 2019.

Bringing professional experience to the table from his independent work with Disney-Pixar, McDonald’s, Microsoft, and many other top-tier companies, Geiger runs the day-to-day operations of the service and uses his experience to make sure Central Indiana receives excellence from our professional Animals.

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Delivery Animals

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Delivery Animals
Business and personal, scheduled, and on-demand delivery service of Central Indiana
[email protected]



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