MrDotLegend is going to release the astonishing music video ‘500 million’ in July

MrDotLegend, a hardcore Maryland rapper, uses snarky sounds to highlight his beliefs and overstates the breezy tales in his latest music video ‘500 million’.


The music industry is becoming more receptive to new hip hop hustlers. In the midst of the pandemic, MrDotLegend, a prominent American underground rapper, has been raising some constructive buzz in the chaotic music industry. He has a slightly elevated, excellent hip hop music video called 500 million’ on the way, set to release on July 4. It is already out on Spotify as it belongs to his last album MrDotLegend Presents Flawless Victory. In terms of impactful first impressions, the song embraces an appealing start with a fresh, unexpected frame and the thought of melancholy that interacts with its innovative validity, demonstrating that songwriting brilliance overcomes the usual assumptions of the music and style. The end result is straightforward but effective.

With his single ‘500 million’, MrDotLegend rises to an unprecedented level, dazzling the outset with conventional hip hop rhymes that emphasize integrity. It’s based on a genuine story that’s both instructive and accurate, and it draws you in closer with each new moment, and the ingredient added to the mix gets you sonically euphoric. It has the distinct beat that its title indicates, with a melody that is instantly recognizable, accessible, and anthem-like. It’s a one-of-a-kind combination of an addictive groove, a growly voice, a clear structure, and a relationship to what his listeners can feel. The lyrical backdrop of the song depicts his nature. Follow this talented rapper on Spotify, linktree, and Instagram for more music.

Listen to his track on Spotify:

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