How Talkado will make you millionaire

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Regen, Bayern Jul 14, 2021 ( – A new crypto project, Talkado was launched today 15th June 2021, Edema Oti, the founder and CEO, is sure the project will set a new pace in the crypto industry.

Edema believes with Talkado everyone now has a say in the global humanitarian crisis and the effect of climate change that has reached an unprecedented level.

He said “rather than waiting for governments, big cooperation and developed country to help reduce emissions and poverty, we now have the opportunity to play our part by investing in talk coin. For every purchase, we give 10% of the transaction charge to a selected charity that is involved in fighting these problems”.

Most recently cryptocurrency has made many millionaires.  From the recent surge in Doge coin and Shiba to the waves of Safemoon.  Only those that bought large quantities were able to reap from it because they bought these coins in millions and even billions at extremely low prices.

Crypto is volatile, while wishing for a bull market, due to uncertainty and volatility, bear market and crypto winter are parts of a crypto circle.

No one can decide the direction of the market rather everyone can endeavor to get the best out of it.

The best time to buy a coin is when it is at its lowest price. In most case, this is during a bear market. Good price is also possible during presale or the moment a coin is in the market.

Edema said “Aside, the use case of Talkado, which you can find in the website ( We are in a time of uncertainty. Bitcoin and all known crypto are currently down, yes, Talkado has chosen to launch at this time so every investor can get Talk coin at the best possible price.

Talkado white paper states that the launch price will be $0.000001. At launch, if you invest $1,000.00 (One thousand USD) you will get 1 billion Talk coins. When the price increase to $0.001000 your investment will worth $1million”.

This price movement is very possible giving that they are launching in the bear market. Upward movement of three digits is very possible and easily attainable during a bull run.

Edema believes not all of us may have $1000 to invest, if someone spends as low as $250 at launch that person will be $250, 000 rich when it attains $0.001000. And also $100 investment at launch will worth $100,000 when it attains $0.001000


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Disclaimer: Crypto is a risk, do not invest beyond what you can afford to lose. The article above is not financial advice but an opinion of the writer. Always do your own research.

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Edema Toritseju is a writer, crypto investor and adviser to various ongoing crypto project management board.
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