Nena Diefenbacher’s new single ‘Tonic’ takes you on an adventurous journey with its exceptional resonance

Talented California-based beatmaker Nena Diefenbacher presents a poised combination of classic and contemporary rhythms in the latest soundtrack, ‘Tonic’.


[dropcap]M[/dropcap]aking beats is an art and not many can master it. Brimming with wondrous possibilities beats maestro Nena Diefenbacher has established a soundscape rich in hybrid resonance. The gifted musician has recently released an incredible rhythmic number, ‘Tonic’ featuring groundbreaking fusion beats that can take your production or lyrics to the next level. The power-packed drums intermingled with the dynamic special effects have taken the symphony to the next level. Deeply influenced by the elements from different genres like hip hop, jazz, R&B, experimental, and more, the creative multi-genre artist has established a perfect blend of all these acoustic flavors in the track.

As per the artist, ‘Tonic’ is about a mysterious character with a secret relationship with the government. The song’s cover art showcases the superpowers of the person. The instrumental single features a heavy Trap or West Coast rhythmic influence. It is wrapped in the embrace of Nena Diefenbacher‘s boundless imagination and creative artistry. The rhythmic progression offers a feeling that one might get in the toughest levels of an adventure or action videogame. There is a lingering mystery surprising the audience in every turn. The music video offers a therapeutic visual presentation with a futuristic vibe. Follow the artist on Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram for more updates.

Link to the single:

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