Life Makeover, the Stunning Beauty – Fashion Simulation, Reaches Over 8 Million Pre-Orders


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia May 6, 2022 ( – The promotional video (PV) of Life Makeover released by Archosaur Games attracts much attention. Life Makeover is a game powered by Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) with breathtaking console-quality graphics and has been pre-ordered by 8 million players around the world.

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Console Quality Graphics

The PV shows numerous resplendent outfits, ranging from a lightweight sheer dress with pearls, and cyberpunk streetwear, to classic clothes, and they, are just like real clothes. What incredible resolution the graphics have!

The texture of the outfits shown in the PV reacts to different lighting conditions. For example, the pearls in dresses make a soft light, while gauze shimmers and metal accessories shine glaringly. When you zoom in, you can even see the stitches of dresses, which are close to reality.

Realistic Fabric

Thanks to Multiple UV Channels and Detail Texture, the game boasts high-resolution outfits. Shader makes fabrics highly detailed and realistic. No matter how intricate the patterns are, they all can be shown vividly in the game.

Apart from delicate embroideries and texture, there are fluffy outfits, which are hardly seen in other games. You can feel the textural difference in the mohair outfit.

Console Quality 300,000-Facet Models

Apart from exquisite outfits, Life Makeover focuses on models. Screen Space Subsurface Scattering makes skins natural and translucent. Even tiny blood vessels can be seen under the skins.

With diffuse reflection, reflection, and transmission, hair is realistic and shining regardless of its color and style. Even in a backlight, you can see the halo in fluffy hair, which used to be only viewable in the real world. Players can also dye different sections of their hair to embrace different styles.

Archosaur Games developed Dragon Raja, an MMORPG that became a global hit. The open world with a high level of freedom in Dragon Raja attracted over 40 million players around the world. It also won prizes from the UOD, Google Play, and IMGA, earning a reputation in the international market.

Life Makeover is a breakthrough made by Archosaur Games. It is the first UE4-powered fashion dress-up game designed for fashionistas. With its technical prowess, keen fashion insight, and a high level of freedom, the game allows players to DIY outfits and fabrics, bringing about various fashion styles.

If you are interested in Life Makeover, tap here to pre-order. Dive into a stunning level of technical innovation and details. Feel free to dress yourself up in the game. You can be your own fashion icon!



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