Calin Ungureanu starts a new record label

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jun 9, 2022 ( – Calin Ungureanu starts a new record label which is called Stouak Music Inc.

Calin Ungureanu makes music there.

Calin Ungureanu has already made music like Ralice, Congrats Paulie, Mining Time, Coconut, XHouse, Calin’s Song, RnBarity, Dupsteparity, Let’s Move, Beavers’ New Year, Onicencytario, Hyhzd, Fucking Ivonas, Xreverse, Hello, Giant PS, Hyhzd 2, RnBarity 2, Dupsteparity 2, Onicencytario 2, XChair, Roof Team, His Name Is Calin, and most recent New Hyhzd.




Congrats Paulie

Mining Time



Calin’s Song

New Hyhzd


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Calin Ungureanu’s Facebook Page

Calin Ungureanu’s Facebook Profile

Calin Ungureanu’s Official Twitter

Calin Ungureanu’s Instagram

Calin Ungureanu’s Telegram Channel


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