California rapper Qwovay dose music the police wants to ban

Qwovay Drill rapper

Rapper dose music hated by the police and loved by the streets

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Evansville, Indiana Jun 19, 2022 ( – Qwovay is an American rapper out of California who does drill music.
His music can be heard on Spotify and YouTube. Drill music dose gets a lot of bad press but is loved by many fans of drill music. Qwovay has consistently argued that his music allows him to express his feelings about the poverty, crime, and trauma he saw around him. The police have long seen Black music as synonymous with violence, with drill artists the most recent target. Qwovay grows up in poverty and around crime. Coming from the poorest part of California seeing shootings in his life he uses drill rap to display what he lived around and had to deal with all his life. some state and even counties such as the Uk is trying to ban the music, he is making a career doing. He saw rappers making it and it was an “inspiration” and being involved with music was his way of avoiding the violence on the street. Qwovay feels like people need to know what’s going on in these parts of the world, but the police blame a whole industry of music for crimes commuted. Qwovay says “IF THEY GET RID OF DRILL MUSIC THAT DON’T MEEN THE CRIME RATE IS GOING TO DROP THE CRIME WAS HERE BEFORE DRILL MUSIC AND WILL BE HERE WHEN ITS GONE”. What they’re less clear about is whether music, specifically the dark and gritty beats of drill, encourages criminal behavior. check out Qwovay songs click here Spotify – So Many Die


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