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Certified Dank Apparel


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Jackson, Mississippi Aug 15, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – “DANK”?

Created by the late Kevin Alexander Taylor Jr, Certified Dank Apparel is breaking the stereotypes to make premium luxury high fashion streetwear accessible to all.

Breaking stereotypes and creating a premium high-quality luxury streetwear clothing brand is what the late Kevin Alexander Taylor, Jr. wanted his Certified Dank Apparel to represent. Influenced by sports, music, entertainment, creativity, and culture, “Dank” is more than just a CBD or marijuana-motivated movement, it’s a lifestyle. Even before its launch, Certified “Dank” Apparel was creating a huge nationwide buzz among the fans of luxury streetwear with their Big Bank Dank contests and DankChow movement to help eradicate hunger. Certified Dank Apparel is launching its exclusive online store on August 19th.

The history of DANK. The brand was established in 2019 by the 20-year-old Mississippian, Kevin Alexander Taylor, Jr. Kevin’s childhood nickname, “Stanky Dank,” later evolved into a symbol of everything he stood for. “Dank” represented more than simply the idea of smoking, but a carefree way of life, a distinctive sense of style, and the idea of converting a dire circumstance into an empire that would alter an entire generation for years to come.

Kevin Alexander Taylor, Jr. “Dank” was assassinated in his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, on 13th December 2021. He and his wife were working side by side in the business at that time. She is continuing to make his dream a reality, Certified Dank Apparel will one day be a household name.

The vision of DANK. The word Dank is often associated with CBD or Marijuana. However, the clothing brand wants to break these stereotypes by blending culture, sports, entertainment, and music in its collections. The media, advertisements, photo shoots, and marketing releases highlight the creativity and cultural movement associated with this clothing brand’s name and their first collection of premium streetwear demonstrates this vision. A spokesperson for Certified Dank Apparel said, “With Certified Dank Apparel, we want to redefine and implement changes in luxury streetwear that make a statement and influence the culture in a positive way. The goal is to leave a legacy that demonstrates our commitment to excellence, and high-quality streetwear while keeping Dank’s memory alive.” Premium, luxury streetwear. DANK offers luxury streetwear for both men and women. The collection consists of Italian leather varsity jackets, vests, bodysuits, sweatsuits, loose-fitted shirts, off-the-rack tees, long-sleeve hoodies, sweaters, bralettes, dresses, and sneakers, and much more.
Certified Dank Apparel will continue to introduce new collections as the new season
approaches. There will be huge collaborative announcements from DANK coming soon…
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