Skills Council of Canada integrates mobile microlearning platform to support office-less job seekers and employees

Mobile access to microlearning

One third of compliance training alone is done through mobile devices. As employers adjust to the new reality of office-less business, it is imperative to find new ways to engage the workforce.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Ottawa, Ontario Sep 19, 2022 ( – Skills Council of Canada is pleased to announce a partnership with EdApp, integrating their microlearning content and mobile platform into Skills Council of Canada’s Collaborative Support Ecosystem. This partnership will provide the Skills Council of Canada’s ‘office-less’ job seekers and employees with access to flexible on-the-go mobile microlearning programs that support skills development-to-employment opportunities.

Mobile microlearning programs are gaining a lot of traction, seeing course completion rates rise from as low as 15 percent to nearly 90 percent and beyond, especially for ‘office less’ job seekers and employees. The number of mobile-only users has grown rapidly and now far exceeds the number of desktop-only users. Mobile use is ubiquitous, and we are seeing greater and faster adoption of modern technology. Improved communication infrastructure and high demand for real-time information have driven mobile device usage to new levels. Smartphones are now the most common source of accessing information for youth and new job seekers entering the workforce. As such, it is now critical that skills development programs adapt with solutions that are more effective and a natural fit for the users. “Microlearning has always been part of our growth strategy. We aim to support the next generation of job seekers and employees by continually evolving our Collaborative Support Ecosystem. After connecting with EdApp, we knew they had the right solution for our programs and partners. Aside from being a supportive and fun team to work with, their gamification, learning bursts, rewards, spaced learning as well as flexibility, customization, and easy integration checked all our requirements.” said Kate O’Neil, Vice President of Partnerships at Skills Council of Canada.

Experts estimate that by 2025 millennials will account for 75% of the global workforce. That means that three out of every four individuals in the professional world will be from this generation. Skills Council of Canada’s mandate is to continue to break down personal and professional barriers ensuring each job seeker and employee has access to the skills development resources needed to succeed and grow their careers. Skills Council of Canada understands that to achieve this, they must continue to meet the next generation of job seekers and employees where they are, rather than push them into traditional online learning programs that do not resonate. The growth of smartphone engagement for content consumption is a perfect medium for delivery for the next generation of job seekers and employees because it provides information in topical, bite-sized, and easy-to-consume chunks. By interacting with highly targeted microlearning bursts, lessons become much easier to digest and the likelihood of knowledge retention is increased. Microlearning courses are proven to make learning more meaningful and engaging thanks to short, single-objective, focused lessons. With push notifications reminding learners to complete them, completion rates increase significantly compared to traditional learning management systems.

The data is clear, mobile learning is no longer a trend but rather a permanent shift in employee training, development, engagement, and retention. Finding solutions that connect learners to assessments, skills and employment opportunities, and access to mentorship and support resources, all on a mobile-ready platform will be key as employers look to the future.

For more information about how your community can access the Collaborative Ecosystem, please reach out to [email protected]

About Skills Council of Canada Inc.

Skills Council of Canada Inc. (Skills Council of Canada) based in Ottawa, Ontario is a social impact-focused organization building holistic integrated solutions that support Canada’s Sustainable Development Goals with a prime focus on education-to-employment. Operating in collaboration with Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations, the Skills Council of Canada promotes skills development for the development of good health/well-being, access to quality education and equal employment, gender equality, access to clean drinking water, affordable clean energy, decent work for economic growth, innovative technology ecosystems, infrastructure, reducing inequality, sustainable communities, and developing partnerships required to support these efforts. 

Skills Council of Canada’s Collaborative Support Ecosystem (CSE) includes thousands of skills courses, thousands of job role assessments and subject-based assessments, access to thousands of one-on-one mentors, tutors, career counseling, wellness coaches, and so much more, all managed by Skills Council of Canada’s robust learning management system. The CSE program also enables the Skills Council of Canada to supply its entire offering for free to all participants and partners. 

About EdApp

EdApp is an all-in-one learning management system (LMS) designed to help deliver top-notch onboarding, training, and learning content to your teams. No matter the device, location, or internet connection. Simpler and smarter learning, EdApp is quickly becoming the world’s most loved mobile training platform. We have a better mobile learning management system designed for today’s digital habits, delivering more engaging and effective micro-learning directly to learners anytime and anywhere.

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