From Jugnu to Vikram Rathod: Here are 7 Favorite Films and Series Characters of 2023

Top characters from Bollywood movies and Hindi TV series in the vast list include Bulbul, Jugnu, Nilofer, Vikram, Satyaprem, Tara Singh, and Rocky Randhawa.

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This year, Bollywood movie and series lovers went in for a treat because the world had witnessed some of the most riveting shows and films from the Hindi industry. Some of the characters from this huge list of releases of 2023 have also managed to create their niches and stay with our hearts. From the plethora of content released in 2023, these characters have been loved by audiences and critics alike. So here is a look at the list of 6 most loved characters from shows and films in 2023.

  1. Bulbul from Made In Heaven

Bulbul was introduced in the Amazon Prime Video series, Made In Heaven which caught the hearts of the viewers right from the start. Played to perfection by Mona Singh was part of one of the most talked about series of all time in the country. Made In Heaven navigated through personal challenges and societal expectations, showcasing an enthralling blend of strength and vulnerability. In this amazingly portrayed series, Mona’s character went through one of the most iconic evolutions where the depiction of her struggles added an extra layer of depth and made Bulbul a standout in the series. Her nuanced performance reflected her intense talent and made Mona Singh deliver one of the best performances of the year. Although the character was initially misunderstood in the series, it grew out to be an absolute audience favorite at the end.

  1. Jugnu from Guns and Gulaabs
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Guns and Gulaabs is another most talked about web series that was released on Netflix this year. The story is based on the city of Gulaabgunj where a big-city police officer and a lovesick mechanic get their lives intertwined. Jugnu, played by Adarsh Gaurav is arguably one of the best-written characters from the show. The character development of Jugnu, paired with Adarsh’s impeccable acting skills adds a certain charm that was also much needed for the show’s development. The way Gaurav portrayed and skillfully navigated through the complex layers of his role of Jugnu added to the intrigue of the show.

  1. Nilofer from Jubilee
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Wamiqa Gabbi gave some of the most memorable performances in 2023 where she and her insane talent pierced right through our hearts. Starting right from Jubilee to Charlie Chopra, the actor managed to capture the attention of the audience right away. In this list, however, her portrayal of Nilofer in Jubilee managed to climb up and make a resounding impact. The somber period drama got its much-needed praise and attention from Gabbi’s dazzling performance. It was hardly surprising that the audience felt it impossible to take their eyes off of her every time she was on screen, playing the gorgeous character of Nilofer.

  1. Satyaprem from Satyaprem Ki Katha
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One actor in the Bollywood film industry who won a special place in everyone’s heart this year is undoubtedly Kartik Aaryan. His portrayal of Sattu in Satyaprem Ki Katha gained widespread acclaim from both the critics and the audiences. Part of the reason why this movie became one of the blockbusters of the year is his performance and how the character was portrayed in the story. The character of Satyaprem not only struck a chord with the viewers but also became a symbol of healthy, and non-toxic masculinity. The evolution of Sattu, played by Aryan in the film became such an example of what women expect from their partners, that a special hashtag was made on social media. #BeLikeSattu has been trending for quite some time on several social media platforms that highlight all the apparent green flags women look for in their partners. With this new-age romance and Aryan’s amazing acting skills, Satyaprem is definitely how we want our husbands to be.

  1. Vikram Rathod from Jawan

Shah Rukh Khan had definitely one of the busiest years of his career in 2023. With three releases back to back namely Pathaan, Jawan, and Dunki, and all of them being mega blockbuster hits, it is easy to declare that King Khan came and ruled. Amidst the three releases, the character that became one of the most loved of the year is Jawan’s Vikram Rathod, and for all the good reasons. The audience loved how “massy” the character looked, but that is not all. Shah Rukh’s look as Vikram played a big role in how the character became one of the most notable ones of 2023, but his moral compass, how the character was portrayed on screen, and his ability to look absolutely bad a** while beating the antagonist Kalee Gaikwad, played by Vijay Sethupati are also parts of the reason. SRK’s quintessential suave paired effortlessly with his easy charm is all we are blaming for falling for this character. His performance as Vikram continued to be a testament to his undergoing legacy, the audiences are reminded why he is called the King Khan of Indian cinema. It is now safe to say that Vikram Rathod single-handedly brought back the masala action genre back to the theaters. Vikram is also to be thanked as his charm and swag made the movie leave its beyond-belief mark on the box office.

  1. Tara Singh from Gadar 2

One thing that none could see happening in 2023 is Sunny Deol making a comeback in the industry with the fourth highest-grossing Indian film of 2023. ‘Gadar 2’ starring Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, and Utkarsh Sharma is the underdog of this year that you could not see becoming a hit. Directed by Anil Sharma, in the movie Sunny revived his character of Tara Singh, a brave truck driver who easily became one of the most loved characters by the audiences. Released 20 years after its first part, Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, this movie became a sure-shot success as Tara’s brave yet innocent and pure characteristics were hailed by the viewers. Sure, the nostalgia factor played a big part in us loving the character, however, Tara’s bravery, his love for his family, and his pure strength are also part of the reasons why this film became a huge success. The way the character’s love for his family, especially his wife and son became the fuel to his strength when he fights off an entire nation makes him one of the most loved characters of the past year.

  1. Rocky Randhawa from Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani

Saving the best for the last, Rocky Randhawa was easily the most loved character of 2023. Played by Ranveer Singh in Karan Johar directed and Alia Bhatt starrer ‘Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani’, Rocky was the one the Indian film industry was missing all along. A strong male who is not scared to show his emotions, or cry! Is there something else that needs to be said? A man who is equally beautiful and shows all the great signs of being not only a wonderful lover, but a great human being overall? Well, Rocky has it all for you. The way Singh portrayed the character on screen where he combined his great acting skills with Rocky’s hotness and moral compass is the reason why the character is the most loved one. Rocky’s ability to admit where he is wrong and his unabashed love for the people he loves is something that we all look for in our partners. He was definitely the ultimate charisma of the past year and there are no two ways about it, it is a fact.

There are very few characters who are familiar with the concept of accountability, unparalleled love for their people, and ultimate swag and these characters check all the points.

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