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The Tunes Club offers effective and affordable Spotify playlist promotion that artists from anywhere in the world can use to transform their careers.

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Spotify is the biggest audio streaming platform on the internet which has millions of listeners that use the platform primarily to listen to their favorite music tracks. Spotify is also a primary platform where listeners get introduced to new music that is ruling the charts. So getting viral on the platform would really do wonders for the career of an artist who is struggling to get noticed in the industry. However, the increased opportunity to reach music lovers from every corner of the world also comes with intense competition. This is why, getting promotional campaigns from reputed marketing companies is one of the main necessities for today’s artists. The Tunes Club is one of the music promotional companies that help artists get bigger organically on Spotify, hence in the music industry. This is a Spotify promotion company that offers completely authentic marketing services by doing playlist submissions.

The company submits playlists to several playlist curators on Spotify with around 200k followers. One of the most organic ways to get noticed on Spotify is by doing playlist submissions and The Tunes Club makes it easier for the artists. Once the order is placed on the website, the song will be submitted to appropriate playlists according to which Spotify playlist promotion is chosen. The artists will see improvements from there and in no time, there will be an increase in the number of streams of the promoted songs. There are several marketing packages that artists can see on the website. They can pick and choose from the four promotional packages according to their requirements and proceed to achieve unbelievable yet 100% organic results within a few days.

The first package is called the ‘Spotify Marketing Package’ which will add the tracks to more than 60 specially curated Spotify playlists. Using this package will get the artists 3000-3500 listeners on the selected tracks. The promoted tracks will also be shared with more than 100k social media followers on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. This will help the song generate social media buzz and gain authentic streams and engagement. The Tunes Club has been working in the industry for several years which makes it a music marketer that is well-versed with how promotion works in the industry. So every Spotify promotion package from the company is tried and tested and gets real-time results every time.

The second package is called ‘Spotify Promotion Pack’ and using this package gets the artists 7000-7500 listeners along with increased online engagement. With this package, the promoted song will be added to more than 90 curated Spotify playlists and the audience will be targeted according to the track. This package also comes with a paid press release distribution that will help the song organically grow. Artists will promote two tracks with this package. The third package is called ‘Spotify Marketing Pro Pack’ which lets the artist add their tracks to more than 120 specially curated Spotify playlists which can gain around 10,000-11,000 listeners along with complete engagement. This package also comes with a paid press release distribution and a music blog. Artists can add up to 3 tracks with this package.

The fourth and best-selling package of The Tunes Club is called ‘Spotify Promotion Pro Pack’ which will add songs to more than 180 specially curated Spotify playlists. Apart from sharing the tracks with a big social media following, the package also comes with a paid press release, a music blog, and one artist review. All of these promotional strategies help artists gain exposure and get up to 14,000-15,000 listeners along with complete online engagement. The artists can add a total of 4 tracks in this package and each one of them will grow organically on Spotify. Besides effective results, The Tunes Club and its packages are also placed at a very affordable price point. This makes it an affordable option for budding artists who are looking for more recognition in the music industry.

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