Fresh out of the oven, ‘Golden Hour’ by Gabe Furtado, features an outstanding musical arrangement. Gabe Furtado, the young and prolific musician, stuns everyone over and over again, now with this latest offering, ‘Golden Hour.’ Gabe’s exceptional soundscape is undeniable – the craft’s thematic flow captivates the attention of many listeners, […]

Rising rapper from New York, L.O.U. talks about his real-life experiences and his emotions in his recently released album, ‘Journey Of Choices (Awakening Mind)’. Hip-hop music offers the audience a platform to let go of their deepest emotions and create something so beautiful that everybody admires it. New York-based hip hop artist L.O.U. has grasped […]

One of Boston’s premier artists, Smyly Sickwitit, showcases a dynamic blend of inspiring lyrics and hardcore hip-hop beats in ‘Lay Me Down to Sleep.’ [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he hip-hop genre has the ability to produce fiery lyrical ballads based on the creative capabilities of the artist. Notable hip-hop artist and entrepreneur from Roslindale, Massachusetts, […]