Developers Provide The Players Of Dragonfable With The Access To The Final Floors Of The Exaltia Tower


The Exaltia Tower of the Dragonfable hit the floor on March 2, 2019, at the inn, which was released on July 30, 2017. It was supposed to be a joke for the users. And, finally, the Dragonfable players gain access to the final floors of the Exaltia TowerThe players will finally get to have an encounter with the final boss of the tower, the Engineer and his Offense and Defense Drones. This would allow the players to have a complete experience of the dev team.

The various versions of the characters of the game appear from different points in the timeline of the game, among which some are not at all possible, such as the version of the character that killed the baby dragon. Most of the other characters are versions of the players of different points in the existing timeline, such as Dragon Lord, the Necromancer, and Adept and so on.

Access to the Exaltia Tower can be gained through the billboard labeled “Challenges”! Players will have to choose ‘Exaltia Tower’ to gain access to the tower and experience, gear, gold, and crafting materials for purchasing rewards.

In the tower, the players can battle one fight at a time. The developers had announced that ‘the tower looms ever higher’, with each passing tier. And, before starting to take on the tier, the users have to choose the monsters and bosses that would appear. Through this latest update, the players have gained access to the top of the tower, to combat the final boss.

To enter the top tier, the users have to combat through the three floors, one at a time and face the boss at the end; the first tier comprises of Ezrajal or Yaphael, the second tier comprises of Couerihem, and the third tier comprises of the Warden, the fourth tier comprises of Daatael, Celestial Guard, Celestial Sentry, Infernal Guard or Infernal Sentry, and the fifth tower comprises of the new bosses, The Engineer, and his drones.

The Exaltia Tower is one of the most awaited events and players were eager for the ending. The appearance and abilities of the bosses and the monsters are pretty unique. This has made the end of the tower pretty engaging for the loyal fans.


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