Jin ‘Mystic’ Seong-Jun Will Once Again Appear In The League Of Legends Professional Season 2020 As Confirmed By Afreeca Freecs.



Jin ‘Mystic’ Seong-jun has joined Afreeca Freec’s Roster as an ADC Main and his usual champions are Ezreal, Caitlyn, and Graves each of whom he displays with amazing effectiveness.

Irrespective of being only 24 years old, Mystic has been a part of the professional League of legends as a player for a very long time. He had his debut back in June 2013 with CTU Revolt and then moved to play for Jin Air Stealths before finally transitioning to the Jin Air Falcons. Mystic had joined the WE Academy by the end of 2014 before to transited to Team WE in January 2015 where he remained constant before taking his final leap to Afreeca Freecs which has been almost 5 years now.

In recent years, Mystic has seen a considerable amount of success with Team WE. In 2017, the team had taken the China Regional Finals along with Mystic, who was playing actively on the roster beating Invictus Gaming for the win.

However, their success has been on a ride since the end of the Finals. Their most recent achievement lies in holding the ninth position in the LPL 2019Summer Tournament, following a 7th-8th place rank in the LPL Spring Playoffs against JD Gaming.

Mystic has always remained the primary ADC for Team WE’s roster and has also been signified as the only twelfth player to have reached 1000 kills in the LPL which takes him name alongside Rookie, Uzi, Clearlove, Deft, and more.

On top of that, in February 2019, Mystic hit the jackpot of 1500 kills in the LPL and becoming the fifth player of all time to have done so.

Apart from this, Afreeca Freecs has seen several other successes in the last couple of years by playing primarily in the LCK tournaments. After they got their recent win as fourth in the LCK 2019 Regional Finals after a 1:3 series against Kingzone DragonX, the later reframed their brand as DragonX.

The news of Mystic joining with Afreeca has excited all the fans of the later as the addition of such a well accomplished ADC main is a boon to ay team. Fans have already taken to social media to share their excitement with the upcoming season. The coming together of Kiin, Ucal, and Mystic have made Afreeca Freecs as one of the best looking teams in the league currently.

The anticipation of the 2020 season is going to a higher level with several free agents roaming about and teams announcing new signing every other day.

From all the excitement prevailing, it can be well expected that the 2020 Professional League of Legends season is going to be better than ever which the fans wouldn’t take their eyes off from.

Jerry Simmons

Jerry Simmons

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