French Chef Nadege Maganga Is Launching Her Mobile Video Game “MY HOME By Nadege Maganga” Dedicated To Cooking

MY HOME By Nadege Maganga

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Paris, France Jul 1, 2021 ( – French chef and pastry chef Nadege Maganga has just launched her cooking video game called “MY HOME by Nadege Maganga” following her book “My Home”.

The object of the game is to crush the meal by placing combinations of at least 3 elements. In order to complete the level objective and score as many points as possible.

Objectives: To earn a certain number of points.

There are several levels in each world. In the world, 10 worlds are available for the 100 levels. That is to say 10 levels for 10 worlds which are: 1. Chancerelles, 2. Dream, 3. Victory, 4) Believe, 5) Favor, 6) Vision, 7) Perseverance, 8) Miracle, 9) Supernatural, 10) Kingdom. Chef Nadege Maganga’s journey encompasses many experiences in the kitchens of Paris. Over the years, its know-how has been transmitted to gourmet French cuisine, both brasserie and traditional because this has allowed it to broaden its creative arc and its ability to meet the challenges of field cooking. Once she gained her expertise as a cook, she wanted to add essential bakery items to her culinary heritage. This led her to enroll in 2018 in a training course at the Ecole de Boulangerie-Pâtisserie de Paris. There is no going back because she has continued to develop her skills as a pastry chef and as a representative of French cuisine in front of the world.

Chef Nadege Maganga’s cooking style is a balanced combination of profession, daring, pleasure, rigor, passion, and conviction as she continually tries to go beyond her limits to achieve satisfaction as a chef and also to offer the same to its customers. His wisdom and breadth of knowledge are global, and therefore his cooking style is influenced and inspired by various integral elements of life and emotions. The books take the audience on a journey of the chef’s unprecedented belief in his art that also teaches important lessons and values.

The Game is available on the google play store

“My Home by Nadege Maganga”

Chef Nadege Maganga’s vision is to put her culinary and pastry skills on a global platform and to promote French cuisine in all its glory. She is eager to open restaurants in Europe and America.

For more information, visit her website at or follow her on Instagram on her official account at CHIEF.NADEGE.MAGANGA.


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